Two straight actors rehearse for a movie’s gay love scene. How will they make out?
To see the film:

Starring Danny Lopes, Lawrence Nicols and Anthem Moss.
Written and directed by Reid Waterer.


  1. Can anyone please tell me the music that plays during the love scene of this movie? I want to find it but I'm struggling! Thank you in advance 🙂

  2. @Mike Sharp Both actors of the movie Latter Days have since come out of the closet just so you know.

  3. The acting is TERRIBLE in this. The thing that bothers me about a lot of gay films is their over emphasis on the physic and attractiveness of their actors. The story and acting are always secondary. It feels fake and more of an extension of the writer or director's sexual fantasies.

    Superior gay films where story and acting are put first:
    "Keep the Lights On" by Ira Sachs
    "Weekend" by Andrew Haigh
    "Bugcrush" by Carter Smith

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  5. a simulation of straight being gay, it looks fun and erotic lol
    especially that lead them to feel as they feel other

  6. I just saw the film this past weekend. It's hilarious, awkward and sexy at the same time. I just regret it's not longer than 15min.
    This guy, Danny Lopes is really funny in the outtakes. I remember his phrase "I'm glad my partner is good looking, 'cause it would be hard to get f*cked by someone ugly". LOL! I really recommend you to buy the movie, it's worth it.

  7. WTF? Who wants to see str8 actors reluctantly turning gay for pay? Take one for the team or go back to breeder films.

  8. No, that's not true. I'm sorry for messing with you. If you're attracted to guys, do what is inside of you. You said "we don't.. act upon these impulses". I don't know what you mean there but no one has to suppress who they are as a person to make someone else–who really doesn't care much about your own well-being–happy. Be yourself. (^.^)/

  9. No. Absolutely not. You will now apologize, and take all this crap talk back. If youre lucky , and conduct yorself properly, I will forgive you. lIt's highly unlikely you will defer, so, , it's your loss. Have a good life.

  10. To: tytheeman20. What is wrong with you anyway! You're killing me with this whack dialog. For all our sakes, it would behoove you to join us in the grown-up, adult world. It just looks and feels better, and you can garner some self respect for yourself and others. It shows that you have a care, and are a civilized gentleman……it couldn't hurt your image, and is an exeptable behavior pattern.

  11. To: tyheeman20. Re: Performance Anxiety. You are nothing but a little girl, who cannot do anything , except make insults, and namecall, over the internet no lees, where you remain safe frim reprisal. I am 6'7" tall, and 210 lbs. of physically fit specimen. I seriously doubt that you would attempt to speak to me thusly, because if you did, I would promptly stomp you into the ground, and make you like it!

  12. Sorry folks, but I would'nt do either one of them. Besides, all human beings can and are attracted by, and admire certain individuals of the same sex at one time or another in their lifetime. It's just that we don't, or will not, or cannot enact upon these impulses, because of our upbringing, and childhood training.

  13. Just saw the whole thing at Berlin Independent Film Festival and I must say that it absolutely made my day dear sir! Kudos for this awesome example of great screenwriting along with wonderful directing and editing.

  14. Why can't you just post it on iTunes for direct download.
    No need to spend cash on pressing DVDs, Cover Art Printing, and Shipping etc.

    Fit some iTunes Extras into the Mix,
    like Bloopers from the Making-of and all the cut Kiss Attempts / interviews with the Cast and yourself as Director…

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