This video is edited a little different than normal, I hope you enjoy it. The Penn State wrestler is stalling to avoid a tech fall, but the rutgers wrestler isn’t having it, so he speeds things along by performing a painful “crotch lift” The penn state wrestler voices his displeasure with the sudden turn of events.

While this is my most viewed video, it also had the highest thumbs down to thumbs up ratio on my channel. Several viewers offered suggestions to improving it. As such, this version is shorter, concentrating on the most viewed part of the clip and the clarinet music was replaced with a jazzier piece.


  1. Yet another mental health challenged individual undermining American sports and the values and principles of a good life that are built upon. This becomes psychopathic behavior in many aspects of life instead. Win at all cost, among the value that are destroying far more than a mans dignity.

  2. Ah yes, Nick Suriano, god of wrestling, performing the infamous "Suriano Claw" on Devin Schnupp. No one ever escapes the Suriano Claw, not even his opponent's future children.

    Brought to you by Carl's Jr.

  3. I love the slow motion clips. However, the Jazz makes me want to fast forward. Could you just leave the music out if it has to be that damn manic Jazz.

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