Netflix’s recent Christmas comedy “The First Temptation of Christ” created outrage as Jesus Christ is portrayed as gay. More than 1 million people signed a petition asking the company to remove the film.


  1. I'm from Hinduism but I stand strong with Christians , this is a new trend in 21st century to target faith of a religion by taking advantage of one's tolerance

  2. in the end times, according to islamic sources, the muslims and christians will have a truce and eventually band together to defeat a common enemy, whatever that may be..

  3. Is everyone just going to ignore the fact that in the new testament there are several times where it hints the fact that Jesus could have had feelings for men? Yes? Okay then.

  4. I googled Netflix for Christ not videos but I found this filthy series about Jesus. For the sake of money this evil people are offending and mockeries God Jesus Such a shameless people. Woe to Netflix.

  5. The problem here is not in religion, the problem is that the West still suffers from porn deposits that were present during the era of the Romans and the Franks, Roman society added pornographic scenarios to the Bible, such as accusing the Prophet Lot of drinking wine and incest as the emperors of Roman did, accusing the Prophet Noah of drinking Wine, undressing Quite simply, Western society is an immoral society trying to kill Christ, John killed and Zechariah, and before I finish my discussion Jesus, peace be upon him This is the worst offense and not the last offense to the prophets of God, so Christ is one of the prophets in Islam and all of God’s prophets are respected by the sons of Ismail and their Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, descended from the Prophet of God, Ismail, preserved their dignity, 😉

  6. Well, the western world is so open and they're okay with homosexuality. Why not accept it on your God, then?

    I'm a skeptic/agnostic by the way. So, don't try to beat me. It was just to show your double-standard and schizophrenic mentality.

  7. Are you guys mad because being gay is "bad" or are you mad because you think the show is mocking Jesus? I'm kinda confused and would like to hear some different perspectives

  8. "If the world hates you, remember that it has always hated Me first. No servant is greater than their master. If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you too."

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