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  1. I never knew there were transgender idols before and so I always got upset thinking about never being able to even audition to be an Idol because I'm a trans guy

  2. thank you for this video!! it always warms my heart to see idols who are brave enough to openly be themselves. also, there's a member of the group romeo who's gay. his name is noh kangmin. there is proof (if you search 'romeo can do anything ask kangmin' it should show up. basically he says his ideal type is a man twice and (i heard, idk if it's true) that he also wrote his answer to the question as the same thing), however since then it's been kind of hidden away and he hasn't really said anything else about it :-//

  3. I have a serious question. Isn’t Yoongi from bts bisexual/pansexual ? I heard that he said his dating options aren’t limited to just girls in an interview and a lot of people say his lyric about tongue technology is very open about it? Lol idk don’t attack me I’m seriously curious .

  4. i can't decide if it purposely said "support his gaybut" abt holland or if im just mishearing "support his debut" but,,, whatever

  5. thank u!! this makes me so happy wow. why am i so unsurprised that an ex-member of bts is bisexual… eveyone in bts is gay including ex-members hgsjkd nice. also sorry to see that you're getting shit for not including a certain someone!! people rly love acting like they know everything abt lgbt history without having done a single second worth of actual research huh ((((:

  6. I Love You! This is amazing! I know people who are lgbt get attacked or outright discriminated against and kicked out of the entertainment industry most of the time but I did Not know there are actual openly gay stars up and coming! It's progress! This is refeshing to see! ❤ I hope eventually everyone around the world can just be themselves and be free!

  7. When are people going to realize that we're just people, and that there is nothing wrong with us? I'm bi btw, and thank you for making this video!

  8. I absolutely love your channel! Your content is unlike anything I've seen and I love it so much! Keep up the good work, because I'm always excited whenever you release a new video!!

  9. What about Hansol? (Asexual male kpop idol) Or are you only doing strictly lgbt people? No beef either way!

  10. It's deeply saddening that people still cannot be who they are in this day and age. Thank you for being a voice for LGBT Kpop fans!

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