He’s back, white, gay and privileged. :’)

Since NickDominates is back on YouTube I’m finally able to continue with this series – which I am more than happy too, since you guys seem to enjoy it! I never expected for this series to grow popular, but all the supportive comments warms my small and fragile heart! ♡

( I’m currently not using my main computer as I need to get it fixed, so I didn’t get to create a good thumbnail, so hopefully this will do! Enjoy. ♡

(I own nothing)


  1. If anyone tells me this didn't actually happen I will be the upsettie, cause we all know it happened in the show

  2. Dick is still masturbating to his pictures – he's gonna be a while scrolling the internet for dick pics 😳😍

  3. Dick: Ah!~ it really is a beautiful morning!…

    Also Dick

    Dick: Let's go sexuality harass some kids for running a lemonade stand!

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