This took me 3 days ;-; Longest video I have made I think ;-; I got lazy at the end -w-


  1. Katio: gets stabbed, still able to walk properly NO EVEN RUN TOO, leaves hospital without the doctors knowing, not even PAYING to the hospital, and somehow then adopts a kid
    Me: is it just me or has Gacha logic gone too far now?!

  2. Now that I watch it I feel like I've watched it before a long time ago I mean the end I've seen it once and it felt like the same characters. So I wanna ask if it's inspired or not?

  3. I want a sequel about James UwU and make it hella gay UwU but try not to make a cat character .-. If James ain't the bottom then try making the bottom the same hight as him and maybe a bear or bunny will be a good character? My OC is bi but he a lonely bean. (poor alfy) also my OC is a killer! Or more an assassin. My OC had a great friend ship with Ender dragon but in my gacha world Ender died of cancer but Alfy didn't know until it was to late to save him. Alfys dad also died in a car accident when they were going to get ice cream. His mother died giving birth to Alfy . after he met Ender he had his spark but when Ender died he lost his spark and then he became a Wanted assassin/killer all around the world of Gacha. Also he is 19 so he was born in 2000 on January 8th on a Sunday
    My desc:
    Name: Bella E. (Elizabeth) Metcalf
    Age: 10
    Born: January 8th 2010
    Personality: kinda talkitive, maybe some anger issues in there, VERY VERY RUDE,
    Usually does: watches youtube, plays roblox, cries under blanket while dying inside,
    Interested in: a female bully, and a tiny crush on a boy,
    Sexuality: bi
    Gender: female but wants to be a male
    That's all! Also ask questions freely! If you want to suggest names for if I do decide to ask my father if I can get surgery to be a boy pls do! I would love to hear your ideas!

  4. Gets called nerd
    The guy falls in lov wit him
    Other guy falls in lov wit him
    Other guy falls in lov with him
    Almost die
    Not die
    Baby time

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