Check out the Huskers prepare for the 2011-12 wrestling season!


  1. man I'd love to wrestle again. But the University of Kentucky doesn't have a team or club or anything even close to wrestling

  2. As a football player and a wrestler I can inform all of you that in my experience wrestling has always been tougher. Football can be tough to, but your body is in a different kind of shape. The average football play lasts about 3.5 to 5 seconds. That's it a 5 second sprint. Wrestling is a full 6 minute sprint. Two breaks. Maybe more if you go out of bounds but two breaks. THATS IT. in my eyes wrestling will always be the toughest sport in highschool

  3. Played soccer n rugby, both endurance sports, collegiately but the wrestling workouts I did with my wrestler pals was way worse. Mad respect! Get some!

  4. whats the toughest high school wrestling state?? rank like the top five. be generous in rankings.. meaning dont rank the state you live in number one

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  6. and if they still do this . . thats possibly why they arent top 5 haha. . I understand the endurance and circuit training and all that but even when working out for different goals other than strength and muscle building. . form is crucial. . jerking motions are sure to create overly developed primary muscles and leave your lesser to a sad future once your primary workers get tired out.  unequal distribution will tire you sooner. 

  7. Wrestlers are a bunch of sissys……. okay maybe in your town, here we have 25 people who go out and this is before people quit, there might be more people on the football feild………… these statistics would show that wrestling is harder, you must have a bad wrestling team

  8. You're comparing two things that shouldn't be compared. Ask any MMA fighter about wrestling and they have crazy respect for it. It's known as 7 minutes of pure violence.

  9. I know what mma is… but what I'm telling you is fighters fight 2-3 times a year meaning they only have to cut 2-3 times a year. wrestlers cut every week. wrestlers are constantly grinding year round. most mma fighters stay in shape and then train hard for their fight camp 8 weeks out from a fight. Trust if your in D1 wrestling shape.. the only people in better shape then you are endurance athletes. truth.

  10. I would challenge ANY bodybuilder who actually has any sense about them to agree with this. One of the most ignorant statements I've ever read. You've never lived until you've died during a wrestling workout.

  11. Crazy clip. Great film.

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  12. you're so ignorant…WRESTLING is a wholleee different thing then BODYBUILDING, we can outrun and or even outwrestle a bodybuilder, let that stereoid freak outlift me i don't give two shits. If you Last trough a season of wrestling, and still decide its for sissys then so be it, till then shut your mouth buddy

  13. Lots of hard work and determination involved, very mentally tough, but in the end I'm sure you won't regret or forget it.

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  15. Hey could someone answer this question for me. Im a freshmen in highschool and I've played football for the majority of life, but one of the seniors suggest wreslting to me. He told me exactly that it's fun rewarding and it sucks alot lol. I did wreslting once in my life, but my mother made me quit..she said I was to young to even compete. Could someone tell me what it's like to wrestle, is it worth my while? Thanks

  16. …and not only that, REAL wrestlers (most folks are ignorant to the difference since fake wrestling was invented for revenue) have ALWAYS known it's value. I've been shocked with how long it took UFC commentators and fans to finally get what we've always known… we would do well training for fighting, because of the natural blend all the movements of our sport prepare us for fighting. It's the most realistic. Lastly, I said this long before Rogan said it, wrestlers COMPETE all the time.

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