NBC will premiere a new sitcom, Abby’s, in March featuring a queer actress playing a bisexual character in the lead role.

Natalie Morales will star as Abby, an ex-military Staff Sergeant in the Marines who runs an illegal, DIY bar in her backyard. The first episode airs March 28, at 9:30pm, in the slot currently held by Will & Grace, which will move to 9pm for its final two episodes of the season. Abby’s has been given a 10-episode midseason run.

While the character Eleanor Shellstrop of NBC’s The Good Place, played by Kristen Bell, beat Abby’s to the punch on featuring a bisexual female lead in a comedy, the new show is notable in its hiring of a queer-identified actress to take on the role. It is also making waves for shooting outside, in front of a live audience.

Trouble strikes the community of drinkers when Abby’s new landlord shows up demanding she shut down her backyard bar, only to change his mind, provided she make a few changes.

“Series regular cast also includes Fred (Neil Flynn), a fixture at the bar who is grateful for a place to enjoy a beer and conversation–and refuses to allow some bureaucratic busybody to disrupt his perfect refuge; Beth (Jessica Chaffin), a harried mom living next door who can escape the madness of her home life while still keeping an eye on things from her perch atop a bar stool; Rosie (Kimia Behpoornia), the bar manager who prides herself on having memorized all 162 rules and regulations; and James (Leonard Ouzts), the gentle scaredy-cat of a bouncer who crumbles in the face of confrontation,” reports Deadline.

Morales has previously appeared on the shows Parks and Recreation, Santa Clarita Diet, BoJack Horseman, Grace and Frankie, and Crashing.

LGBTQ representation on TV is growing, according to a recent GLAAD study. It found that 27% of LGBTQ characters on television were bisexual, with more female bisexuals than males by well over half.


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