A brief history of naked swimming in American schools part 3
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  1. WOW!…I watched all 3 pt.s and it was interesting to say the least!…I grew up in Compton, ca. and went to all Public Schools from K – 12 Grade!

    The only Nudity I ever saw was in Jr. High and High School, but only in the Gym Shower after Gym Class!

    My High School use to be Compton College and so we had a pool with Stadium seating!…We had a Water Polo Team but they Never Swam in the Nude!…Also, they taught the Students how to Swim but, I Never heard any Students Male or Female had to Swim in the Nude!

    Now between the 60's and early 70's that I attended Public Schools, I Never heard of Students Black or White Swimming in the Nude!…So I wonder were those in Authority only had concerns about Bacteria in Pools used by White Students and Not Black Students!…I am Just Saying!…God Bless!

  2. We didn’t have a pool at school, however after gym class, we all had to shower together nude in a large shower room with sixteen shower heads. If you went to the YMCA in the 50’s thru the mid 70’s to swim, you were nude. In the mid 70’s when they let girls start using the YMCA nude swimming stopped.

  3. In today's times (2018), the narrative is probably correct: Nude swimming IS probably not going to happen again (in the USA). Japanese families have bathed/swum nude for many years without harm, as far as I know. Perhaps other societies, too. Because of our Puritan backgrounds and Biblical backgrounds, we Americans feel the same way. Idea: If enough Americans established a nude Swim Day and all who were willing would strip and jump in, male and female,k then perhaps the idea would take hold across the nation. Females' breasts vary in size and males penises do, too, but if even 25% of both sexes would participate all at once, in the summertime heat, repeatedly, then maybe it would work. With my fat rolls, it wouldn't matter at all. Who knows, it might work.

  4. This was not just in America. I remember swimming nude in a school pool , as part of learning how to swim. This was in Toronto around 1954. It did not bother myself or any of my friends.

  5. In all the years (35+) I've been to nude beaches, I have never seen a guy get an erection, a fear so many guys have. While one might at first become self conscious and overly aware of naked female forms, that goes away with time. Though, SAINTS BE PRAISED, a naked female never ceases to take my breath away!

  6. If you want to swim naked these days you get your own private pool. It ain't good enough to have just a pool in the back yard unless you are rural and don't have people piled up on you. Nosey busy body neighbors would be quick to call the law if they could see you naked in your back yard. So you build high walls that block any view from neighboring houses. Thats almost impossible with the agenda 21 building codes where they build 3 or more story houses and pack them in where there is no yards. So you build pools in the basement of the house in that case or the garage. Naked swimming still happens but its for the rich that can afford their own private pools.

  7. 'nude swimming is in the past, and is not going to happen again', oh please mr documentary maker (well done by the way!), you don't even believe that yourself… why did you put that in, to gain moral points, to be safe? Of course it will happen again since every moral fad dies out, and new ones replace them, always have, always will. What on earth make you think that this insanely stupid moral hysteria about natural non sexual nudity has any future at all?

  8. So because of inefficient swimming pool filters & the heavy, linty fabrics (wool) of yesteryear swim suits, nude indoor swimming was the norm for boys? Well, still in Europe nude swimming (and nudity in general) is not a big deal… Brace yourselves, world travelers. Nude school swimming was not nationwide, so much of this decision would depend of the efficiency of the filters & cleanliness (chlorinated~antibacterial) qualities of the water. Finally, naked swimming forced on schoolboys would prepare them for the military, college dorm life, or in general supposedly "toughen them up".

  9. I graduated from high school in 1981. Our school did not have a pool, thank god. The gym teacher was a relic from a previous era, and it was bad enough that we were forced to shower whether we needed to or not. I hated being naked with the other boys! Although my development was on par with nearly everyone else, I just didn't feel comfortable with being that vulnerable around everyone else. I didn't want everyone to make fun of what I perceived as a small penis, it's not, but pre-Internet, who knew? Relatedly, one of the arguments for circumcision is that 'don't you want your boy to look like everyone else?'
    I never heard a word from ANY of the boys in reference to anyone's equipment, because it would've implied that you were looking at it!

  10. I remember going to a swim class at the YMCA in Madison Wisconsin in 1965. I was nine years old. Everyone wore suits except I remember one adult man who was nude and he seemed completely comfortable with it. I wish they still allowed it. Swimming nude is one of my favorite pastimes.

  11. We swam naked at the Boys Club in Norfolk VA in the mid 60s. I remember because I showed up in a swim trunk and was told to remove it as not everyone could afford a suit. I had no problem and did as I was told. My Mom didn't like it when I told her.

  12. We swam nude at the Y and in high school. I can only recall one kid who objected in high school and it wasn't modesty with him – he just did not bathe at all. He stuck all the time and we called him Pigpen. We actually threw him into the pool once. It was fun to swim nude as the sensation of the water on the body is different than when you are wearing a bathing suit. In PE we all showered nude in an open shower room and I do not recall anyone being upset or unwilling. We also had a local pond which was very popular for swimming and skinny dipping was very common there. It is kind of interesting to see how that sort of thing has changed with time. Pretty much all of us had fathers who had served during WWII and they were used to showering and being nude around other men. Our coaches and PE instructors were also veterans, as were our scoutmasters. We just followed their examples and it was no big deal. When I did my government paid for vacation, it was the same deal.

    Even today it amuses me when I go to the gym. Changing in the locker room, most of the guys my age are comfortable in our skin. We talk and visit while we change into our street clothing. No one gives a damn. But I have noticed that younger guys, especially in their 20s and 30s are very uncomfortable. Many of them go through all sorts of contortions to keep themselves completely covered while they change into their street clothes.

  13. One thing that got left out of this documentary was that the swim suits in those days were wool, with no stabilizing synthetic fibers. That meant a group of 40 boys could plug up the pool filters in no time. Nude swimming wasn't sexual, it was practical.

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