A video clip claiming to show a naked man climbing down the facade of Buckingham Palace on a bed sheet has gone viral on the internet.
The video show a couple of tourists standing on Constitution Hill, outside Green Park as the Changing of the Guard is taking place.
As the video zooms towards Buckingham Palace, it appears as if a naked man has clambered out of a window onto a bed sheet and attempts to lower himself to the ground.

Despite a naked man just yards away the soldiers seem completely unaware of what is happening over their shoulder.
The man is seen slowly lowering himself down the rope made from bed sheets over the course of several seconds.
However, after about ten feet, the man loses his grip and plummets to the ground some 20 feet below him.

Yet, despite the incident, nobody in the crowd or any of the soldiers appear to react.
However, the 45 second video is believed to be an elaborate hoax.
When contacted, Buckingham palace declined to comment on the video.
The Metropolitan Police said they have not received any reports of a naked man dangling from a Buckingham Palace window.
The London Ambulance Service said they have not received any calls to treat a naked man suffering from injuries sustained from a fall from a rope made of bed sheets.

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  1. You immediatly spot a fake when the camera FAILS to stay on the object in question. Any normal person videoing something strange will keep item in focus. This is just a terrible fake. Made for clicks.

  2. I truly believe this video is not a fake. Royal Family is well known to be child molester releated… U should check this subject on youtube… u wouldn't believe what you will see!

  3. If it's fake, I'd like the star of the show to talk about his antics. They said it was fake because you didn't hear him fall, you wouldn't hear anything from that far away and with the noise of the traffic.

  4. This is 100% real, if it's FAKE then:

    Who created the video?
    Who is the actor?
    Where is the supposed E! Footage this was filmed For?
    Why would the palace allow something so stupid to be filmed there when they do NOT even allow cameras in the palace??

    Only a true MORON would believe this is fake.

  5. Check out David Zublick 9/3/17 man confesses to killing Lady D! This is not a hoax! Notice windows. This boy was in fear of his life!!! I am sure he fell to his death, or even worse he lived and continues to be used as a sex slave 🙁

  6. a man falls to his death or serious injury and these fucking twats just laugh it off. Says a lot about the state of Western culture sadly.

  7. There is a new dawn in news media. The people are fighting back against cover-ups & conspiracies…@OANN – One America News Network
    @Sputnikint -Russia unbiased war-room-level SOLID news
    @Wikileaks – Proven STILL the most TRUE & ACCURATE unbiased news source in the world…
    …the TRUTH is out there, folks. You just have to look in the right place!

  8. How do i know this is fake?
    The royals are really kind and probably lots of fun to be around.
    They also do loads for charity.
    They only have a couple of grand in the bank cos theyve given it all away to the poor and needy.
    I really really love the queen and if it wasnt for her nobody would ever visit England and we would all go bust.
    Which would probably lead to us having to sell our asses to rich people and having to climb out of windows naked.
    If every country had a royal family the world would be a utopia.

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