The mother of a California college student said she was bothered when she learned one of her daughter’s classes required her to get naked to pass.

The final exam for the art visual class at the University of California at San Diego requires students do an “erotic self” assignment, which involves them creating a series of visual gestures speak to themselves.

“I’m not sending her to school for this. How terrible, this sucks, this is just wrong,” the student’s unidentified mother told KGTV. “And to blanketly say you must be naked in order to pass my class. It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Professor Ricardo Dominguez admitted that to pass his final, his 20 students must get naked, but also mentioned that he gets naked too in what he calls a performance of the erotic self, the Daily Mail reports.

The student’s mom told KGTV, “There is a perversion going on here. Shame on him and shame on the university.”

The assignment has been apart of Professor Dominguez’s curriculum for the last 11 years, which says he’s never received any complaints about until now.

Faculty members and former students have come to the educator’s defense and back the program’s seemingly odd assignment.


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  1. They have an option to remain clothed so there should be no problems
    Unless there not mentally mature enough

  2. Not even watched the video but the title,forced . There is no way you can force well unles they literally tie you up and cut your clothes off you can’t force someone to it’s your choice so technically you chose

  3. This sounds wrong at first but some colleges like mine have as an assignment people model nude and some people voluntarily do it as well for non nude required projects. Since he has been doing it for 11 years and this has been a thing outside of this instructor. I do not have much problem. The students that go into this major see far beforehand the requirements and project line up. So they had full knowledge of the fact they had to go nude. Don't complain if you chose this path because u knew this was coming and when it came u can't just regret it.

  4. In normal art school you actually draw live nude models which is not illegal…
    But this was illegal because there practically forced to do it and under 18

  5. Nudity used to be a big part of art class as the human body was considered to be a thing of beauty. Now there are prudes running around in control of and ruining everything. If no one was accosted then there should be no issues. Lighten up people. Seriously.

  6. I'm pretty sure this class is being subsidized by U.S. taxpayers which makes it everyone's business…not just the students.

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