My TOP 5 GAY MOVIES | Let me know some of your favourites in the comment section xx


  1. The Normal Heart is literally the best movie. It was so emotional and the story is quite endearing. Another one of my favorites is Shelter.
    I can't believe I haven't seen Prayers for Bobby! I guess I'll watch it this weekend.

  2. Nice choices :).. my favorites are Hawaii, A beautiful thing, Just un question d'amour, and if you really want to test your morals watch do comeco ao fim… shelter is nice but overrated

  3. I've watched Brokeback mountain, mysterious skin and prayers for bobby
    They are such good films!
    I adored them aha :/
    I cried like hell but that point doesn't matter c:
    Just found your channel and you mister are getting a sub c:

  4. i've only seen 2 gay movies Milk, and one movie James Mitchell suggested but i forgot the name and can't find the video to jog my memory of what it was. ): Would like to watch it again too…

  5. A really good gay film which is right up your street is Get Real, which is a British film about a teenager who ends up falling in love with a closeted bully.  His dad happens to be a Doctor Who fan as well…

  6. Weekend,Shelter,A Single Man,Christopher And His Kind and yes to Brokeback Mountain and Prayers For Bobby.I really love Beautiful Thing though because it has a happy ending which was pretty rare for a gay movie in the nineties!

  7. Definitely going to check out the ones I haven't seen! I love LGBT films so much, they do generally have sad moments, but most straight ones do too! Somebody always dies in love stories! Lol

  8. I haven't seen too much gay media but I've heard of some and I hate how depressing most is.  So many books or movies sound kinda interesting and then I see they all end on some depressing note. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

  9. I love Bridegroom, I saw the tv premire at work and it was so much more then I expected and then some. following shanes story since 2011 to now is amazing, yet so sad that Tom had to pass away inorder for this to happen. and A Prayer for Bobby, also was a tearjerker. I think everyone should watch those movies. if the don't make you have a mixture of emotions and feelings theres something wrong with you

  10. here I am holding my cat watching youtube-how gay is that, i have seen all the movies, loved all of 'em, you are so correct about so many being tradic, i lost my Ruben in a car wreck, the family got half a million- you are so considerate of us older men, THANK YOU mate!   X

  11. Out In The Dark is a good one. Private Romeo is one I love, but kind of dislike at the same time. Adam & Steve, Breakfast With Scot, North Sea Texas, Patrik Age 1.5, Torch Song Trilogy.

  12. Great choices, Ross! I loved all those movies! Yeah, like you with Mysterious Skin, I had not idea what the movie was about until I watched it. I thought it was about alien abduction, too! 😛

  13. Great video, Ross.

    Have you seen "Latter Days"?  It also has JGL and is one of my all time favorites.  "Beautiful Thing" is such a great movie.  It is my favorite British gay movie (and you Brits were "hitting out of the park" in 1996-1998 with gay movies).  I also enjoy "Like It Is", "Get Real", "Shank" (2009), "Clapham Junction" & "Cal" (2013).

    You might also want to try "Kiss Me Guido" & "Trick".

    Luckily, not all gay oriented movies are sad ones.

  14. Loved mysterious skin and prayers for bobby! A few great gay films i've seen and highly recommend are;
    Romeos, House of boys, Party Monster, Milk, For the bible tells me so, But I'm a cheerleader, Save me, Edge of seventeen, Get Real, I love you phillip morris, Mambo Italiano, Small town gay bar, Shelter, Latter days. Ahhh so many films that are lgbt are amazing!!! Why don't you do a series of reviewing different films you watch? would love to know you opinion not only on lgbt films but mainstream films 🙂 xxx 

  15. OMG Sigourney Weaver got so much flack for Prayers for Bobby but I think she did a beautiful job. The last scene where she thinks she sees bobby and hugs that guy I cry EVERY time. Xx

  16. I still remember when my Mom went to see Brokeback Mountain in theaters before I came out. I asked what she thought of it and she just said "it was weird, there was this one scene in a tent where…never mind"

  17. Prayers for Bobby was a great but sad movie so Bridegroom. Beautiful Thing was also a great movie.
    Jitters, Romeos, Make the yuletide gay, Shelter, The Matthew Sheppard Story, Latter days
    Unfortunately most gay movies have a bad ending which I don't understand why.

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