everything is in the fan-tribute… questions? ask me! XD


  1. 10. Lazard, Rufus and Loz: Just eliminate 3 guys right now. Lazard.. not that interesting nor that attractive. Rufus, pretty much the same. Loz.. yeah, no attraction
    9. Cloud: Very attractive, gentle and has a good heart.
    8. Yazoo: Yeah, ok. He's.. um.. ok. He's not my favorite of the remnants, but he's not my least.
    7. Angeal: Wow, scraping the bottom of the barrel of guys.
    6. Reno: Every woman loves a sharp dressed man. He makes a suit look good.
    5. Kadaj: He is my favorite of the remnants, he's more of Sephiroth which puts him on high rank.
    4. Vincent: My favorite! His mysterious aura is so damn alluring, he is very very sexy. You really should play Dirge of Cerberus.
    3. Genesis: I don't know why he was in a Final Fantasy game, and why he's in FF7 I'll never know. He just isn't that interesting as a character.
    2. Sephiroth: He is one of the most interesting villains in FF history. He makes fangirls and fanboys squeal and squirm.
    1. Zack: He's the hardest to let go after he died, but you see some of that in Cloud. But Zack was the 1st to be irresistible and he made everyone cry with him when Angeal died, and everyone cried when he died.

  2. Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Omg you would no believe the number of people who make Cloud #1
    He's kind of an emo little bitch…just sayin'…
    Zack will always be my puppy!
    He's just sooo cute!!!
    And he's got a great personality!
    Thank you again for showing me that I'm not the ONLY zack fan out there!

  3. @FinisDux cuz im not a loz person. or a lazard person. but zack is my total awesomest fav!

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