In this episode of Maatheyosi with Maathevan, My Son is Gay Team discusses the Challenges faced during Censoring the Film. What was the process involved in Censoring a Gay Themed Film? How difficult was it for an independent feature film? How the society deals with LGBT Community and so on. And, why this movie is based on many true events? Director explains. What difficulties was faced during the initial stage of film since, the movie is based on gay, lesbian and LGBT Community. How did they plan the budget for this independent Feature Film? To know more, watch the full interview.

‘My Son Is Gay’ is Written and Directed by Lokesh Kumar and the cast includes well-known actors like Anupama Kumar, Jayaprakash, Kishore Kumar, Sriranjani, Abhishek Joseph, and debutant Ashwinjith. The Music for the film is composed by Santhan Anebajagane and handling the Camera Rathina Kumar. It will release in theatres in 2018.

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  1. Stupid… Ipdi movie eaduthathuku pesaama sethrunga da…. Don't support to gays…. Future la pasangaluku dha problem… Boys society LA nadamaada mudiyaathu… Seruppu…all team!!

  2. You guys work really hard to cover even the macro communities in the society. Kudoz to the B/W and the movie team for taking such a bold movie and interview.

  3. Wow!!!That's great topic and i appeciate the director to create movie for LGBT people.I hope this movie will realise not to huminate LGBT people and support them

  4. Thanks a lot behindwoods for this wonderful show.. waiting for the movie… Kudos Lokesh, Anubama, Shilpa and My son is gay crew

  5. hi maathevan.. u r doing gud interviews but according to the title (maathiyosi) ter s nothing different to think different. my suggestion is along with the interview, ask something different to know for the viewers

  6. Enoda brother gay but i support him because adhu avan fault ila, endha maari padam velila vandha enga veetla avana ellarum purinjika help ha erukum..anupama madam supporting very good choice…

  7. Wow…very sensible interview, well done Maathevan brother..bold concept in kollywood…waiting for the film…congrats

  8. Yethuku puthusa subscribe ad Maathevan! Ithuellam illama than nearly 800 k subscribers irukaanga! Seekarama 1 Mio subs varum … don’t worry 😉 athuvum iPhone la Android screen 🧐 😂 y ?

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