A boy who really doesn’t get why out of all the people to write him a love letter, it had to be his (future) math tutor…

Hope you guys enjoy my first official mini movie! This took waaaay longer than I thought it would have to finish… Now that I finally finished this, I can focus 100% of my attention to my exams 😭.

Made with: Microsoft PowerPoint and VideoPad by NCH software
Audio from: YouTube Audio Library

The images of the book, table and pencil for the cover, epilogue card and ending are not mine. As well as the ending card.


  1. A very nice mini movie. O like how in this one it actually took time for them to get together. If you want I think you should make a part two. But that is up to you

  2. This is probably one of my favorite gacha videos so far, it didn't skip straight to them making out right after they met, it took time for them to just spend time together, beautifully done ^^

  3. Omg its soooo cuteeee!!! So so cute🤩🤩 i love it!!!!!❤️😍 i think this is one of the best MINI MOVIE i have ever seeeennnn!!! Ok i cant get over it🤩🤩 its just so cute🤩 good job on making this!!💗💗 it deserve a heart❤️ nyaaaa~

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