So hope you liked this, I’M such a big fan of gay love stories I started making one of my own I know I don’t upload a lot but I’m gonna try upload more for you guys it takes me ages to make these videos, so I would be grateful if you gave this a like, and comment what you thinks gonna happen next, i will put more of Gabriel and Otto’s love story in part 2 cause I already know what I’m doing for that, I’ll finish off gaby and Keirans story at the beginning of part two then the rest is for Gabriel and Otto’s family story stuff, again hope you like THIS IS NOT A COPIED VIDEO all of my ideas where idolized by Sarah Fox’s video so thanks to her i am such a big fan, sooo…yeah bye love you guys so much, ALSO GO SUB TO MY FEATURED CHANNELS! 💞


  1. Wait what….wtf did I just watch…why is Gabriel a cross dresser while the other wasn’t ( I didn’t care to pay attention gin and ngl) and why can he get pregnant? I know this is rude and shit but still. Why does Gabrielle love him after he literally hit and tased him? CoNfUsDeD NoIsEs

  2. i have a few things to say
    1:it makes NO sense
    2:u did not even explain how fell in love
    3:this the most meanEST comment i have ever written.

  3. Okay but can we admit that this is the most… Just…. Bad… Video?
    Like, I understand the premise of it and stuff but like- the characters are stereotypical, not an original storyline and just-

  4. Being gay doesn't mean you wear pinky clothes and dresses. I hate the way the Gacha community represents LGBTQ+.
    No wonder so many people left it

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