Here is revised version of our short movie after deleting few words which we found were hurting sentiments of gay people. Although the motive of the movie was not to hurt anyone but and there was nothing on which someone should feel pain but still keeping in mind the emotions and sentiments of people, we finally decided to remove some words.

The movie is about a mature Indian gay man who is hunting for fun and Gay Love and in this hunt, he use fake details to attract young guys towards him but he get caught in a mess when one guy becomes hard on him and start blackmailing to him. His son came to know all this and then…….

Yash Singh (New Delhi)
Honey Singh (Meerut)
Parveen Beniwal (Kurushetra)
Ambrish Bhatia (Faridabad)

Music Composed by Ambrish Bhatia

Written and Directed by Ambrish Bhatia


  1. his father was already a gay eversince. he doesnt mean to be like.. as a gay married i think its difficult to his father to live in way to be married in old beliefs and wants by his fathers parents. i have a daddy gay griend weve been together for a long time but i dont to his family broken coz of me. being a family man is making him cry in front. he didnt even dream about but its bcoz of his parents.

  2. The peoples cant get to''kill'' their afectivity,just like for example: i hate vagine,I hate kiss a men,I hate sex same sex''it's is a human possibility,and there haves millions children's abondonate,super population,dont needs reproduction,disorders!!

  3. me gay nahi hu but लेकिन मुजे ये movei real lag रही है becouse मेरे किसी class mate frend के dost ne esa hi kiya tha kisi ke sath

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  5. nice movie…..but plzzz director sir….. plzzz aap mujhe bhi movie me cast Kro plzzz…..main daily dreem aata main aapki movie me cast kr rha …. plzzz ek bari mujhe chance deke Dekho aap….plzzz😥

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