Okay guys, I’m gonna be a little bit critical of this new video from Men Over 30 and say that if this was shot in Sean Duran’s “playroom” he really needs to up his game. Obviously it’s not a playroom, it’s the back of a porn set where they’ve just shoved a chair and put a bondage cross against the wall. I get that sets can be hard to build, and if you’re only using it for one shoot it’s a waste of money and effort, but they could have done a lot better than this!

Then again, I guess I can’t complain too much, I don’t think the surroundings are too important when we get to see this handsome muscled hunk Sean fucking the cum out of hairy stud bottom Jessie Colter.

Both of these guys are pretty amazing, if you like powerful muscled men enjoying their dicks and having amazing sex. The chemistry between these guys is actually pretty real and you can totally imagine that they’ve actually wanted to shoot a scene together for a while, as is kinda suggested by the site.

And, I’m just gonna say that I think I want one of those chairs for my living room.