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This week Elyse asks the boys which movies from their childhoods freaked them out the most, then laughs at their pain. The gang also checks out the preview for the upcoming horror film Hereditary, which seems to be about people who live in a dollhouse and chop the heads off of birds or something.

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  1. The monster from R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour- Don't think about it screwed with me for a couple weeks.

  2. Chucky freaked me out as a kid. The Blair Witch Project fucked me up before I had ever seen it. I would get babysat by a family with 3 kids, 1 being a teenager. He had the posters and told me the story about the witch, how it was real, the stick men. I would lie awake thinking about the blair witch. Then I watched the damn thing. I still think about the movie when I see wooded areas.

  3. saving private ryan got me as a kid and still to this day i can not watch the seen where Ben Affleck stabbed by a nazi

  4. Oh man, true nightmare fuel was Chucky for me. It would scare me so horribly any time I even got a glance of the god damn doll. I've managed to make myself sit and watch all the movies from start to end to see the change and get over the phobia in my early 20s. A little silly thinking about it now but hey, we all got scared by something growing up.

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