It was just announced that Josh Gad’s character “LeFou” in Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is going to be gay. While director Bill Condon, made the claim that he was “exclusively gay”, its leaves a lot to question about the ambiguity of Gad’s character and how far Disney is willing to push the envelope with the viewers in the Bible Belt.


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  1. Damn, more gay agenda shit to brain wash young children…..There was no reason for even the original movie to put a gay character in a childrens movie, so why put it in this new remake of the beauty and the beast??? AGENDA!!!!!!!!!! but then again Disney is evil as fuck with all there subliminal shit. LOL

  2. My child should not be forced to watch a gay sex scene in a Disney Movie. I don't think anybody should be having sex in a Disney Movie, but a man sodomizing another man up the anus is just way out of line!

  3. According to people that have managed to see the movie already, the movie doesn't make a big deal about it at all

  4. so he is an ambiguously gay Frenchman in a French town in a French story? how do you Fucking tell!? is he gonna be the best dressed guy in town?

  5. Disney's first openly gay character was Flower from Bambi. Go back and re-watch it and tell me I'm wrong.

  6. No! Its not fucking okay, you libtardian leftists. Fuck off with your faggotry and lesbionics. Enough of this sick, perverted shit! FUCK YOU, Disney, you subliminally perverted pedophillic, criminals.

  7. Does that mean he's gonna get a boyfriend at the end that's NOT Gaston (seeing as how Gaston falls off the roof)? And if so, how are they gonna show it? I don't have a problem with it, not at all, but how do you explain it to 4 to 5 year old who go to see this movie? I mean if he's just shown holding hands you can tell your kids he just found a new best friend. But if it shows him kissing a man on the lips, what do you say? 4 and 5 year old aren't even old enough to explain the birds and the bees fully, so what do you say? For the record, like I said, I have no problem with it. I just don't know what to tell little kids if they should ask.

  8. ??? wtf. guys Lefou has so obviously always been gay. he's obsessed with gaston. they didn't change anything to make him seem gay in this movie.

  9. The only issue I have with this, and I do mean only, is that the idea of him being openly gay will (or would if I had any intention of seeing the movie) break any immersion I had with the time period the story is set in. At that time and place, an openly gay person would….well, they probably don't care about any of that. Which is a darn shame. It's a lot of what made the original so good too :.

  10. kinda funny ain't it? people shit on reboots all the time and this is something people have wanted quite a bit and this is the movie to give it to us.

  11. i think Homosexuality is a mental Illness or something the weak minded give in too. Homosexuality is a Base Animalistic Practice. I was hoping, Disney would not give in to the Homosexual Social Justice warriors. I'm hoping Disney will go back to its Semi-Family Friendly Roots and put Homosexuality back in the closet, were it Belongs.

  12. If you can't handle a single gay scene without getting triggered, but are perfectly fine with an entire story based on a heterosexual/beastiality relationship, there's something wrong with you.

  13. I'll be fine with this as long as hes having his way with gaston's corpse at the end. necrophiliacs need more positive representation too.

  14. The outrage that there's a gay character is equally as stupid as the approval of the idea. Why does this matter in the slightest? Are they going to add a 20 minute segue where we get to see LeFou get it on with Gaston, cus I highly doubt that. The sexuality of a bit character is completely irrelevant to the overarching story line. If you want to fulfill your fantasies of LeFou and Gaston then, congratulations! The internet exists and rule 34 always applies. But likewise, if a theater decides to ban this movie solely on this issue, then congratulations on limiting your potential profits based on a needless moral grandstand.

    Honestly, i wish for one day where this is purely a non-issue, where practically everybody says(even MSM)"That character was gay?……..What's your point?".

  15. I was going to go to the movie. However the last trailer I saw put me off it. Still live action Gaston death……..heck with it going.

  16. Disney: "Hey everyone we have a gay character in our movie! That's the trend these days right? So will you come see our movie?………..please?"

    * facepalm * For goodness sake. I don't have a problem with gay people or gay characters but it seems like Disney put one in just for the sake of it. Why did they need to announce it? Too bad. The movie looked interesting but now I won't give it the time of day.

  17. so when do we get our TG character? how about the fat princess? and Disney, I'm still waiting on my Apache Helicopter

  18. I don't really care if La Fou is gay, just as long as that is not the basis for his entire identity. Personally I think it is more of La Fou himself possibly confusing feelings for him since the character himself is almost seemingly trying to live vicariously through Gaston.

    My big thing is who they have for the other characters and I, personally, just cannot wrap my head around Emma Watson as Belle. I just can't.

  19. Does anyone else see the problem with this though? They're making a servile character who's whole shtick is running around pathetically and desperately doing the bidding of a hyper-masculine a-hole, explicitly gay? Like, endorsing crappy stereotypes isn't progress, Disney.

  20. They made an overtly gay character from the original movie officially gay… That's some prime virtual signaling. Can't get much safer than that.

  21. I have a few examples of how homosexual characters are included in a TERRIBLE way.
    In Arrow: Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific; Look at me, I'm gay!!, Look how gay I am!!, Did I mention I'm gay!?!
    In Supergirl: Alex Danvers; Look at me, I'm a lesbian!!, Look how lesbian I am!!, Did I mention I'm a lesbian!?!
    In Legends of Tomorrow: Sara Lance/The Canary; Look at me, I'm a lesbian!!, Look how lesbian I am!!, Did I mention I'm a lesbian!?!

    Feels like they have to shoehorn in some way to point out that those characters are not straight in almost every damn episode…
    I'm amazed DC hasn't included characters like that in The Flash or Gotham…

  22. I guess it's a big deal because it's the first time that Disney will have a gay character in the movie but to be honest I could care less about it because it's not going to sell me into seeing the movie. It's fine to have a gay character in the movie but don't shovel it down the viewer's throat about how gay he is.

  23. It isn't even about the gay character.. like really who gives a damn. It's about taking a classic that is a favorite of many and changing it… just to prove their political point of 'inclusivity'. who cares! If they wanna do that in the future then whatever but don't mess with the original!

  24. "Sometimes wants to be like Gaston, sometimes want's to kiss Gaston"… do you really have to be gay for these kind of feelings? It's Gaston after all. 😉 XD

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