Pollock And Pollock News Channel (non profit, non commercial) reviews-critiques of public interest issues: We review “The Normal Heart” from HBO. It’s a gorgeous movie, with the Gershwin classic “The Man I Love” by the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus; a splendid rendition. Set in the tragedy of the 1980’s AIDS crisis, it shows the horrible discrimination against gays. But it’s also the most romantic gay movie ever made. If you don’t have HBO, you’re missing out. Jim Parsons shows a softer gentler side here than in his wonderful “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS. Also great are Matt Bomer, Mark Ruffalo, and Julia Roberts. People who are anti gay would think twice about it if they saw this movie. It should be required viewing to show people how hurtful discrimination is.


  1. I absolutely loved this movie. My daughter and I went through a box of tissues. If anyone is looking for another gay love story, "It's My Party" is one of my favorites. It stars Eric Roberts and Gregory Harrison. It may be a little hard to find but it's worth looking for.

  2. very sad and very, very beautiful. I lived that time and I worked, as a medical doctor, with AIDS in Rio.

  3. Just love this movie.. tears are coming down.. because some of my dear friends are gone with AIDS.. this movie affects me so much..

  4. i think its time to turn the table and start straight bashing. The next straight couple i see on the street making out, im gonna beat the shit out of them. ya know, cause its gross and im prejudice

  5. stupid show boy to boy yuck this is not the world, horrible, horrible, horrible! !!!!! from Kate Daughter

  6. i wanna vomit what a disgusting clip man kisses a man i wish i had the power i would bury all gays alive

  7. I don't get why people come onto a gay video and start complaining. Did they come here to actually watch it or just troll? I don't understand this shitty YouTube thing going on I mean the commenters just all seem like a bunch of dicks who preach about religion and hating gay people I mean we're not in the 50s get the fuck over it we're moving towards a new civilised world and hopefully in the new generation your kind would've died out

  8. What the hell is wrong with some of you people so what the made a gay movie where they are kissing on the sidewalk OK and? How does someone being gay affect you straight people are allowed to suck face wherever the Fuck they want and so can gay people cause they're people to it's not like they r sucking face with you mind your business look the other way if it's so damn "disgusting". I think a straight couple making out in public is disgusting and I am straight but I'll damn sure cheer on a straight couple cause they have enough courage to make out in front of rude as people like you guys and I'm not saying to everyone cause not every comment was rude but damn if it's so gross why don't you hide in a damn cave it's 2015 get over it.

  9. Its so weird men for a girl its very weird seriously and im weird to cause ive watch it hahhaha

  10. I am gay, but that thing with the dancing and all of them are just men I find it a bit weird also those guys are terrible at singing! xD

  11. Looks like a GREAT movie.
    May I ask is it available on BR our DVD.
    I discovert in 2011 that I am Bisexual, with an larger attraction to men.
    It's about time, someone made a movie, about romance for gay's.
    Sure there was Broke back Mountain, but that movie didn't end positive.
    So maybe this one will, sure looks good to me.
    Thank You for  bringing this to attention of people.

  12. jesus wtf is wrong with hollywood im ok with gay marriage but 2 men kissing in public i still find it disgusting 

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