This summer London-based art director Gem Fletcher teamed up with Danish photographer Ken Hermann and embarked on a trip to the Inner Mongolian grasslands, where they shot a tension-filled portrait of the area’s fighting traditions. Read more on NOWNESS –


  1. I'm looking for information about Daur Bokh traditions and clothing for a thing I'm doing and I would like to find some more information about the clothing traditions and just general information surrounding the daur people in relation to bokh any leads would help.

  2. First visit the country and learn the culture then upload such video like this, so sad that so many people can’t make missunderstanding between Inner Mongolia and real Mongolia, shame on you Nowness

  3. This is China. It's not Mongolia, these are not Mongolian wrestling outfits which are simple red and blue (Mongolia's colours). These men will have Chinese passports, not Mongolians passports. Inner Mongolia is not Mongolia, it's part of China.

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