mixed wrestling in high school


  1. Some groin, nut (ball) grabs, however this girls proved just how much more talented and stronger they are and really know how to compete with the boys!

  2. Not impressive just more girls beating boys that are less experienced than they are and holding back and not even trying to win. plus the girls are using underhand dirty tricks to gain position and control and advantage.

  3. So much humiliation! These wimps who are getting their butts kicked by these superior female opponents will spend the rest of their lives living in shame.

  4. 4:20 you can see the pain on his face as his little nuts are squeezed without mercy in the hand of this girl warrior. She didn't let him a single chance. Poor boy.

  5. This is offensive, the womens put the hands between the men's leg and touch the Mr. P, While the men put the hands between the women's leg and her boobs, it's called sex violation. Sad to hear that 🤣

    Useless in the street combat, if i was the boy with no grappling rules in the street, i'm sure the boy win the fight effortless. Because we won't ever make a girl as a rival or equal.

    If girl wanna be done as equal, then dont mad at us if we hit you so hard like a men and dont call us "a girl" or even call other friends to help you, equivalent is treated in all aspect include the fight.

  6. No doubt whatsoever that women are taking over this sport. At least most of the defeated ones did not cry or pull the ol’ “injury fake” after being defeated by their superior female opponents.

  7. It would be something for me; I really hate to lose if it's against men or women; it doesn't matter!!!! They say women have an advantage cos of their mostly lower point of gravity and they seem to have also much more stronger legs. And they ar emor flexible but when the boys and girls grow older it's much more difficult for the girls cos the boys got stronger. Also girls use very often the trick to let the boys make themselves very tires and then they attack, or not?!

  8. Listen to all the butt hurt comments coming from all the excuse makers and cowards in the comment section. Not one of these macho beta males would get on the mat with one of these girls. At least these guys had the courage to get out there and try. Some of these ladies are the real deal and if you don't take them seriously you will end up on your back looking up at the lights.

  9. If it's a guy pinning the girl and he sticks his junk in her face her parents probably go nuts.Would like to see what they'd do if a guy butt dragged their daughter…

  10. I wonder why mixed wrestling with its sexual haut gout is practised in prudish countries like USA and India. I think in Europe we don´t have it. Fights among guys are more vivid and spectaculare in sport respects. With girls, the fights often turn to an endless choke on the ground, boring, but exiting if the guy is humiliated, it makes him cute.

  11. If you wrestle a girl, you should be stronger than her and equal in wrestling skill with her. And you should dominate throughout the match. You shouldn't allow her to genuinely pin you down, because otherwise you are not a true man. A man getting constantly pinned by a woman is a DISGUSTING sight, whereas a beautiful lady getting pinned down by a strong guy can be really NICE to look at, especially when she struggles long and persistently to free herself from the man's pin which can be impossible to escape from.

  12. I got pinned by a girl in H.S.   Totally embarrasing.  She got me into a cradle, but couldn't grasp her hands between my legs and the head lock she had me in. She then reached for the next thing- my penis. i got pinned by a hot girl as she rolled me back on my shoulders by grabbing me by my manhood. Totally humiliating. I still cann't believe it happened.

  13. My boys wrestled in highschool.  Boys tend to try and out muscle their opponent using upper body strength.  Girls don't have that upper body strength but have powerful legs and will use leverage moves.  Do they go for the nuts?  Not  on purpose, though they know this is a vulnerable spot.  That area is a good fulcrum point and good use of leverage by hand or leg will prove effective.  If the boys testicles get in the way, it is of no consequence to the girl.  Study the girls moves, it is technique that is in their favor.

  14. lol, I've never seen one of these where the crowd has not been most enthusiastically in support of the girl. Well, there's always Seattle. All we need is one place to stay 'strong'. That's all we need. With just one place, we can come back from this. I'm actually sad about that. I'd actually prefer it taking us hundreds of years, if ever. I probably feel that way because there are limits to what I consider to be 'us'. 

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