Mili a motherless child was treated like a member of the family in every flat in a large apartment building…..Mili a motherless child was treated like a member of the family in every flat in a large apartment building. With her exhuberance and zest for life this teenager had won the heart of all the residents and thus her small family consisting of a loving father a widowed aunt and a brother had become the favourite of the inmates of the building. Mili was the gang leader of a gay group of kids. The terrace of the building had been their rendezous for playing games and rehearsals for their occasional programmes of dance and dramas. Someone who bought the terrace flat and came over to stay ordered a stop to the entry of Mili and her troupe to the terrace. A commotion was already in the air. This new resident Shekhar was none else than the only son of the illfamed Seth Shankar Dayal who had earned great notoriety throughout the country a few years back for killing his wife on suspicion of infidelity and was hanged subsequently. Shekhar who had grown up in the shadow of this scandal involving his parents shunned visitors enclosed in his shell of self imposed isolation spent his time drinking playing the flute and gazing at stars through a telescope installed in his terrace flat. The scandal had been pursuing and hunting down Shekhar constantly and he had built a wall of loneliness around himself as a protective device. Mili learnt of the tragedy of this persecuted young man and by her sympathy understanding and warm hearted zest within a few days managed to reach put to Shekhars loneliness who found for the first time in Mili a person who had no inhibitions about the scandal. Mili obliged him to break the barrier he had built around himself and introduced him to the world he had wilfully shunned. In turn Shekhar introduced Mili to the miracle world of astronomy where the lonely young man was treading all the while in search of recluse and in the process they both discovered the luminous world of love. But cruel Fate struck them at this hour. Milis father who had been keeping a terrible secret to himself informed Shekhar that Mili suffering from pernicious anemia was doomed to die in a short time. Shekhar reacted to this shock in his own queer way. At first he was planning to run away for fear that he would not be able to stand the death of one who had taught him to live but later decided to marry Mili and fulfil their dreams. By now the introvent runway was changed beyond recognition by the infectious love of Mili and he stood gallantly to face his cruel fate the approaching doom and to grab valiantly the little bliss that was slipping out of his hand


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  11. Wow.. What a movie. Hope Amitabh's astrologer pt. Ramanand shastri's predictions were correct. N mili will be well soon when Shani will move from 5th house on next day of their marriage….

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