Directed By Ninian Doff
Produced by Pulse Films

New Album ‘iii’ out now

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“Genghis Kahn” released by Atlantic Records / Downtown Records Dec 4th 2015


  1. Can we make this a fucking musical please??!??!? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this video oml I’m in love with itttt

  2. I know this is a minor detail, but the kill button is red and the release button is green. Green is for go and red is for stop, so it's backwards!

  3. This would be great. If the bald man (idk who is he LMFAO) replaced by a girl. So could we just remake this ?

  4. I'm Imagining what their domestic arguments sound like.

    "All I'm saying, kids, is that fascism is wrong"
    "I've told you a hundred times, not in front of the kids!"

  5. Nice music. Да хули, качает нах. Концовка правда.. ну блин. Это же какая баба должна быть, чтоб чувак ориентацию сменил… ладно бы мужики корешами стали. Но тут блин партнёрами их сделали.

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