This was a high scoring hard fought match. You should go check it out on BTN channel. My highlights are of the slower parts.
music attribution:
Nick Schnebelen band – Jazz jam – live for Bluesmoose radio. live recorded at “Bluesmoose café” Radio – 3 may 2017 – Groesbeek Netherlands. Cafe bar de Comm – Groesbeek Nick Schnebelen – Vocals – Guitar Cilff Moore – Bass Adam Hagerman – Drums


  1. Great work on the vids! I love your work and your concept. The music choices are great, and seeing these athlete's in SloMo really features their hard work. I swear one guy did a 180 spin on his head lol.

  2. Literally all I saw in this vid was white people I didn't see who was who in that fight cause they were on each other it looked like cheese fighting cheese cause those men were both white it kinda looked gross but that's a part of what college boxing is meant for and kinda not what it's meant for but otherwise great vid 🙂

  3. Yes, fantastic match. Micic (Michigan) never actually losing the lead, but Montoya (Nebraska) within striking distance much of the time. It was only during the final moments that Micic accumulated points without Montoya responding in kind. Montoya, seemingly having run out of steam, Micic only too glad to run out the clock with more riding time.

  4. Jazz is perfect for wrestling and I don't know why… it's like they're both organized chaos. It's cool too in slow-mo, the dude in the blue singlet also almost looks weightless at one point. Great vids!

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