carlo and michele sunset wedding kiss

At the end of May 2014, Michele and Carlo were invited to a mutual friend’s goodbye party. Their friend was leaving for France for work, and the two showed up to the party as strangers. It’s only fitting that saying goodbye to an old friend led to meeting someone new…

“When I saw him I immediately thought he was gorgeous. I remember he was wearing a blue shirt and a pair of skinny trousers and I just felt overwhelmed. He saw me too, and I think he liked me a lot as well because within the next few days we reached out to one another and settled to meet very soon.”

Michele and Carlo Italian boyfriends meet

For their first date, Michele and Carlo went for a ride on Carlo’s motorbike. “It was thrilling, sitting behind him and holding him tight. He was so hot in his jean-jacket. We went to visit a small town near Milan, our city, and on our way back we stopped to have lunch in a very nice and cozy restaurant. I wished that day would have never ended.” But really, this was only the beginning.

“I remember it felt like we had met years earlier. It seemed that we had known each other for a very long time. Everything was so spontaneous and enjoyable. Staying together was simple, we laughed a lot, and talked about everything. We were definitely happy.”

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Continuing to see one another, it wasn’t long until they realized that this was true love. It was through their deep conversations with one another that they found comfort. When you can say what you’re feeling without any uncertainty of being judged by the other, you don’t want anything else in a relationship. “We realized we were meant for each other when we were able to tell each other all our insecurities and fears because we were not afraid to be judged by the other one, but only loved more.”

travagliato italy wedding grooms

Michele began to plan how he would propose to Carlo. With flights booked to New York City just before Christmas, it was time to put the plan into action, “and what a better atmosphere…all the Christmas lights and decorations, New York was spreading love from every angle.” On one particularly cold evening Michele and Carlo went up the Empire State Building. “Up there everything was extraordinary, and there was even a saxophonist playing. I obviously knew the saxophonist would be there, since I planned this!” Michele told Carlo to go outside and enjoy the view. “It was freezing, but I didn’t feel it, because I was so excited! I kneeled and I told him how much I loved him and how I desired to spend the rest of my life with him, giving him the ring. He started to cry. It was very difficult, believe me. And he said yes. Some of the people outside came to congratulate us. It was one of the best moments of my life.”

Gay Italian grooms getting ready

Returning to Italy, Carlo and Michele began to plan their dream wedding in Travagliato. For any couple, planning a wedding brings its own host of challenges. Michele and Carlo tackled the challenge by approaching everything with a collaborative attitude. “I think it was the complicity between us. We went trough all the decisions together and this bonded us and made us stronger.”







The wedding date was set for September 8th, 2017. The couple found an old farmstead that was completed renovated to match a shabby-chic style in Tenuto Acquaviva, Travagliato, Italy. “The ceremony was held in a roof garden built on the top of the location, and one of our best friends presided over the ceremony. We were surrounded by our families and friends, the weather was just perfect and everyone was so happy.”Carlo and Michele joined hands at their ceremony and recited their vows that they wrote for one another.

gay grooms read wedding vows

Carlo read, “You are my joy, my happiness. You give meaning to my days.

You’ve become the hand that holds me to give me courage; you’re the joy of a confort word when life’s difficulties let me down.

You are a friend, you’re my love, you’re my family. And what’s really extraordinary is that you love me for who I am; and you never judged me, and you never asked me to change; just as I love you for what you are, exactly as you are!”

gay grooms wedding ceremony in Italy

Michele recited back, “To love like that you have to be brave, and you are the one that gave me the courage that I thought I did not have, and thanks to you I feel stronger and free to be myself and to say to myself how I am without any fear, because I know there is someone who really loves me. 

The world is full of people, but I thank God to have found my partner in life, a person that I love and value so much, who is able to listen to me, and bear me, who is able to love my joy and be at my side in my sorrow, who is able to look at my life story without any kind of prejudice. 

I love you and I’m looking forward to spend the rest of my life by your side”

husbands kiss at gay wedding ceremony

Exchanging rings and sharing a kiss, Carlo and Michele were announced for the first time as husband and husband. “How can I describe it? It was really the most emotional day of our lives. In the morning when we were getting ready, everything was surreal. We were calm but also excited, affirmed but also scared. When it the moment came we were so certain about what we were doing and we wanted it so badly that all doubts left our minds.”

All you need is love sign at gay wedding

The golden sun set on Travagliato’s horizon and the grooms enjoyed the unforgettable evening with their loved ones. “I don’t think I have an absolute favorite part of the wedding, I loved it all in the same way, and every part of that day had a new and different emotion. I also enjoyed every moment of the planning, deciding together what to do and how to do every moment of that day. I wish I could live that year after year because everything was perfect”




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Following the wedding, the newlyweds began their honeymoon by journeying to Singapore and Thailand. “We stayed for three days in Singapore visiting the amazing city. We were so surprised because at first, we didn’t expect it could be so magical. Instead, it revealed itself as a city full of character and it was so multicultural. Then we went to Bangkok—that city is like a firework. It’s so loud and bright. You just can’t be bored in Bangkok!”





A tour of Northern Thailand followed. “It was the mystic part of our journey cause we plunged into the culture of this wonderful nation. At the end of our trip, we went to the islands in southern Thailand where we had a relaxing time recharging our batteries after all the emotions of the previous days.”

Gay honeymoon in Singapore and Thailand

Venue — Tenuto Acquaviva in Travagliato (BS) Italy
Photography — Ghismo Entertainment
Videography — Ghismo Entertainment
Wedding Planner — Mariuccia Eventi
DJ & Music — O.M.M.E. Music