Do You Take This Man? Podcast.

Men’s Vows could not be more pleased to announce the debut of its newest venture: The Do You Take This Man? podcast.

Conceived of and hosted by Men’s Vows very own, Sam Erwin, the podcast explores married life from the moment grooms become husbands.

Sure, Do You Take This Man? will get into the coverage you’ve come to love and expect from us—getting engaged and planning your wedding. But, we recognized that so much of getting married is being married, so Sam is interviewing couples far and wide to learn what brought them together and, more importantly, has kept them together.

We will laugh, we will cry and, above all, we will learn what it takes to turn the moment you say “I do” into a lifetime of “I still do.” And, all you need to do, is click below to find your way to the first two episodes of Do You Take This Man?

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