In Iran, homosexuality is banned and punishable by execution under its strict code of sharia, or Islamic law. In a country dominated by the religious class, being gay is taboo, and especially among the establishment. One Iranian gay cleric, who conducted gay weddings in secret, was forced to flee the country, and has been threatened with death. BBC Persian’s Ali Hamedani reports.
Video Journalist: Kelvin Brown

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  1. Hey radical Muslims, Allah (God) loves gays too…..Stop your bullshit radicalism, A Gay love Allah and Allah love gays too. You are not Allah, Stop judge people, Only real judge is Allah(God) himself. I'm a gay Muslim and I love Allah too, Please don't kill me based on your radical mindset. Allah loves all the people not just Heterosexuals!
    Allah love Homosexuals too and Homosexuals can love Allah too. Stay blessing and may Allah bless all of us, Amen.

  2. The people commenting here are such ignorant hypocrites. Yes there are gay Muslims. They have to hide. Do you really think they are going to announce it and be killed. I hate when people act like it has to be fake 😡😡
    I don’t agree with it, but it happens

  3. Ok, So first of all, you don't have control over it
    In short, It's not you who'll choose to be GAY
    then why do they have death penalty in ISLAM for being gay
    Why did god create people GAY and at the same time order them to be killed if they show up being GAY
    So you basically need to live with this big thorn under you ass for your whole damn life
    It's such a pity! Such a shame! And all those who feel like OMG he's a Mullah and he visits "GAY Bars" then it's his matter, between his god and himself…who are you to condemn him, threaten him, make him feel sorry for the way he's born

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