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In his first official match since being back at IMPACT WRESTLING, Matt Morgan faces Douglas Williams in a match where he holds nothing back, after all he feels he’s not being given the proper respect… Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday night at 8/7c on Spike TV.

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  1. you took the exact words out of my mouth.
    It's a bit sad watching Williams being used as a jobber, but since he's not that young anymore and has already won the titles he could aspire to win (tag-team, TV, X-Division), I guess it makes sense to use his experience as a trainer and to push younger stars.

  2. Carbon Footprint=Brogue Kick? Dude, first off Morgan was doing it before Sheamus added a name to it and established it as a finisher. Second, it's just a bicycle kick; that has been done by many others before. Tensai did it as a basic move when he went by Albert and A-Train. Steve Blackman used to do it sometimes too. Tired of fans thinking wrestlers copy finishers. I bet you think AJ Styles copied the Styles Clash from Michelle McCool's Faithbreaker?

  3. Mate,you should've checked your facts before commenting.Matt Morgan uses the Carbon Footprint since 2007.But never mind,go and watch s'more of Smeamus squashing Dolph Ziggler.

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