Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige finally responds to the controversy surrounding the first gay MCU character seen in Avengers: Endgame.

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  1. Sorry dude. YOU ARE WRONG. If Stan Lee intended to have alphabet people as super-heroes he would have included one in his hundreds of characters. Just like ALL history you don't have to like it but you certainly can't change it. You can invent your own but stick to DC don't mess with Marvel. The already messed up the new Spider-man with a black mary jane and a indian Flash Thompson just to be's totally wrong to change characters already invented and that includes James Bond as well. Make up your own characters. Leave mine alone.

  2. The reason for (so far) all characters in the MCU being straight is because these characters are created in the past where LGBTQ+ weren’t as accepted. And since Marvel is trying to stick close to the characters’ backstories (as in the comics) , their sexuality will follow as such. There are modern Marvel comics with LGBTQ+ characters. Give Kevin Feige and his team time to develop the new Avengers for Phase 4 onwards and you’ll see.

  3. All I have to say is y'all are ungrateful over bareing and ridiculous. Always whiney, no matter what is done for you. Y'all have more "representation" than many groups of people most times, but you're never satisfied, it's disgusting. Endgame made history, and y'all are in it..sit down and shut up.

  4. Stop trying to push your gender politics into a Superhero movies we get it people identify differently or not at all without need to be stomping around pushing it in earphones faces or trying to make issues out of nothing

  5. Stop crying about representation.
    This is someone else's fictional world.
    Not ur personal diary that is filled with stuff related exclusively to you.

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