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For Hassane, a young man from an impoverished neighborhood, life has stopped making sense. All he has left is a close group of friends, brought together by a shared sense of marginalization and hopelessness. Hassane’s strange sudden drowning at Beirut’s rocky shore sparks a mob procession, and strips apart the bond of youth and friendship, forcing his friends to grapple with loss and powerlessness, and with the cold heavy truth of their friend’s dead body. The funeral is transformed into a heartfelt farewell to the beauty and sensuality of life, youth, friendship, and love. Martyr (2018) Official Trailer | Breaking Glass Pictures | BGP Indie LGBTQ Movie

CAST: Carol Abboud, Hamza Mekdad, Mostafa Fahs, Hady Bou Ayash, Rachad Nassereddine, Rabih el Zaher, Raneem Mourad

Director: Mazen Khaled

November 30, 2018 – Los Angeles – Laemmle Glendale
December 14, 2018 – New York – Cinema Village

DVD/VOD RELEASE: December 4, 2018
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  2. I know a guy who is Muslim and came out to his family and his family was more open minded and supportive than any western family , people are people and most important thing is intra family relationships and understanding

  3. I didn't get it!!!!!!! They call him Martyr because the guy jumped from the bridge and drowned in the sea? I never saw something that has to do with him being gay!
    The whole movie: The guy wakes up, his parents want him to find a job, he goes to the sea with his friends, they decide to have fun by jumping from the bridge, he jumps, he dies, they take him home and they do the death rituals.
    They don't speak, the movie doesn't let us know anything!
    I was waiting for more feelings, more explications, but there's nothing to see.

  4. Hopefully, fundamentalist Muslims are not going to harass the cast or the movie director. As a Muslim, I hope that won’t happen. And this movie seems interesting. Surely, in my list to watch.

  5. mmm en verdad qué wauuuuu son guapisimos y mmm muy velludos los Actores mmm 😋😋😋😋😋 están buenísimos bien papacitos mm quiero hacer él amor con uno de ellos tienen un cuerpo muy hermoso bien peludo Uffff riquísimo 💕😋💕😍😘💑💑❤👥👥❤❤❤❇😱😱

  6. Vuelvo a escribir, es que esta película cuanto más la ves, más se te mete en el alma como un arañazo! La veo desde un plan existencia, no sé si es el enfoque correcto pero a mí rapta ese largo lamento sobre lo efímero de nuestra preciosas existencias.

    Tanta belleza en ese cuerpo juvenil, uno se pasaría horas contemplándolo y ¿qué queda?

    Se me ocurren sólo les versos de Lorca “pero ya duerme sin fin. Ya los musgos y la hierba abren con dedos seguros la flor de su calavera. Y su sangre ya viene cantando: cantando por marismas…”
    PS: no tiene absolutamente nada que ver con LGBTQ Movie!

  7. Being gay in most arab countries are haram because most of these in arab countries are muslims. But they are perfectly handsome and nice person. I hope they realize that false religion and the society cannot help them to win over their haram feelings.

  8. Lebanon in one of the most progressive and moderate countries in the Arab World alongside with Tunisia. There where you can live the way you wanted unlike any other Arab/Muslim majority countries

  9. This is a parody, right? Totally looks like an SNL parody of some sort of indie gay film co-directed by Lars Von Trier, Terrence Malick, and Tarsem Singh. Has Breaking Glass pictures ever made a gay film that actually looks watchable and somewhat commercial? Every trailer they have looks like utterly boring trash.

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