On the pitch Mario and Leon are teammates, off the pitch they are becoming so much more.

When Leon joins Mario’s football club ,the pair are moved into a flat with one another where the competitive tension turns sexual. As their relationship intensifies, the pair become inseparable, yet Mario is desperate to hide their love from his teammates. As rumours of their relationship begin to circulate, the boys are forced to make a choice; their careers, or each other. A forbidden story of romance between two football players, Mario shines a light on the pressures put upon footballers, managers and associates alike to keep quiet about players who identify as gay in favour of preserving their careers.

A film directed by Marcel Gisler starring Max Hubacher, Aaron Altaras and Jessy Moravec.

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  1. I have a doubt and clarify that it is important because they are two very different situations, just after Leon tells Mario that it is not his fault in this video subtitled in English, he says "I WANTED YOU MORE" but in the videos of the songs in two occasions translate it as "I DO NOT LOVE YOU ANYMORE", the result is the same, they will not continue together but those simple phrases are important to understand what the characters feel.

  2. La he mirado, el concepto es bueno… Solo que deja muchas cosas inconclusas, corta toda atención cuando la película no da una mínima secuencia de las escenas, es un film muy frío, que no permite tener empatía con la misma

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