No matter what the color or intention, Ku Klux Klan hoods are never a good look.

A man in Australia shocked some onlookers earlier this week when he dressed as a KKK member at The Laird, a popular Melbourne gay bar, the Star Observer reports.

During a quick “dress-up” mini-challenge as part of the bar’s weekly Trivial Hirsute game night, the teams were given colorful wrapping paper and tape to whip up impromptu outfits for their teammates. The resulting hood was made of pink paper, but it still reeked of white supremacy.

The hooded man reportedly assured the crowd that “it’s not KKK, it’s gay gay gay.”

“Apparently joking about the lynching of African Americans is okay if you call it the ‘gay gay gay’ at trivia,” tweeted one attendee. “Not super comfortable to be the only black person here while a room full of white men laugh at a KKK outfit.”

“It all happened very quickly,” explained trivia host Dean Arcuri, who added that at least one patron approached him afterward to accuse the tasteless team of casual racism and abusing their privilege. “The team was shocked, and said it wasn’t their intent to offend. They said their intent was to make fun of white people.”

“When situations like this occur it’s important that they’re acknowledged, but I’m hoping what can come out of this is better understanding and a more conscious community.”

“Moving forward,” said bar co-owners Brett Lasham and Mark Carney in a statement, “we will be more vigilant about scenarios such as this that can lead to creating an uncomfortable environment for anyone so that all can feel safe and respected when coming to The Laird.”

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