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  1. Yeah now the boys have to be as careful as the girls because of sick people. That's real low down and brutal. I'm glad they putting him where he can't hurt nobody else and I'm hoping those poor kids can heal from it.

  2. It's some crazy, crazy shit going on in the world today. The young people don't understand the danger in the digital world. First wtf were the boys doing on those type of websites. I told my son exactly what to look out for, of course those were pre computer days,

  3. sick I pray they put him in prison with one that rather have booty than a sandwich u don't have to rape anyone anything is out there and many too willing to be raping people

  4. 👀 Just 😳! Now this is some straight up Bullsh*t! People are popping pills, and mixing drugs making them have evil thoughts and demonic fetishes! That's past "Catfishing" He Tilapia'ing this boys! Sign of the times! JSMDH! Lmaooooooooo @ Gumbo Juice! They are going to pack his 🥜 butter in prison!

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