A caffinated comedy of sexual confusion featuring Wilson Cruz, Jason Stuart, Deborah Gibson, Jonathan Silverman, Elaine Hendix and Sally Kirkland!

Todd (Jonathan Bray), a straight guy, is set up his very first internet get-together, with a hottie named Kelly, courtesy his brother, Barry (Silverman). When he gets to the café, the only unattached person there is a gay guy, who is named Kelly (Wilson Cruz of “Rick & Steve” and “Noah’s Arc“).

To get retaliation against his brother, Todd and Kelly head back to the house and hold hands in front of Barry. The joke works too well and soon, Barry summons Mom (Sally Kirkland), who instantly loves her gay sons and even joins PFLAG. But as word spreads that Todd is now “openly gay” with a hot boyfriend, the sexual misunderstandings spins hilariously out of control and soon, even Todd begins to what team he’s playing for.


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