Is a male gymnast’s failed vault and his agony erotic and entertaining? I SAY YES!


  1. All the comments so far are "that's not funny" and "you must be crazy to find this hot" and now I feel kinda bad for enjoying this video, and feeling the exact opposite compared to most of these comments… oh well. :T

  2. someone got hurt and injured is sexy?you said "his agony erotic and entertaining" are you high or something?i'd like to watch you pain,that'd be very entertaining,you nutcase

  3. Sorry but if you find this sexy you are wrong, this is a real person who has been embarrassed, posting about it calling it "Sexy" is not a nice thing to do, this is one of the reason men are more likely to commit suicide, this stuff makes them think we don't care about them, what kind of woman would find a man being embarrassed "Sexy"? I know I wouldn't.

  4. It takes a lot of falls and hurt to make a gymnast., (never be squalid)
    Immense respect to all; especially those who get to competition level…

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