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The acceptance of the LGBTQ community has come a long way over the years. And here’s a list of famous gay men who were once married to women, all loosely ranked by fame and popularity. After all, isn’t it a miracle when any Hollywood romance stands the test of time? And besides, the details of these relationships are far more interesting than the genders of those involved.
For example, one of these men had a sexual awakening after a drunken hookup. Another seemingly struggled with his sexuality his whole life, having at one point been out and proud in the mid-’90s, but then renouncing homosexuality as a sin in his older years. These are the male celebs who left their women for men.
Several famous men who have come out as gay have been married to women. While some married before they fully recognized that they were gay, others used their marriages to keep their sexuality a secret from the public.
From musicians to actors to politicians, love is the same for all. Celebrities like Elton John, Little Richard, Oscar Wilde, Anthony Perkins, Cole Porter, Alan Cumming and many others fall on this list.

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  1. The narrator is annoying and mispronounced several names… if you are going to be the voice of these posts please do your homework and learn how to speak!

  2. The narrator's accent makes me want to have a nervous break-down. :/ Anyway, aside from this… What else is new?! This world is filled with homosexual males and males who want to be female. ^_-

  3. They didn’t ditch women for men – they embraced their true self & accepted themselves for who they truly are (were). Most of the women in these relationships were beards 😀.

  4. If people were genuinely honest, theyd admit that anything's possible with anyone…the only thing that is the preventitive(homophobic view) would be oppritunity
    I gaurentee put anyone in the right situation & its goin on …..everyone does ultimately decide which lifestyle they choose though homophobics crack me up cause theyd be the absolute first!

  5. 99% have head full of hair, is it safe to say healthy hair and not experiencing hair loss is gay lol?! .. yes I'm balding and being a Jealous S.O.B but I do have a point there, don't I? lmao..

  6. Where did you find this announcer? Her mispronouncing of many names, like base for Bass detracts from the whole presentation of an inspiring message. It should be a big help to many young men struggling with their sexuality, to find the truth of many celebrities.

  7. The usual gay propaganda is there any proof apart from the usual suspects out to sell a book. According to the gay mafia every Hollywood star was gay or bi its just a load of rubbish.

  8. OMG CARY GRANT?????? No way man no way,

    OK I only clicked on this for Grant so I’m happy it’s the first one because her voice lowkey bothers me lol.

  9. thought i'd add Freddie also was with another woman before mary and also had a relationship with Barbara valentin in 1985 although he was mostly gay he did like some women too great video though

  10. I love you that the woman doing this is Indian because I know that a lot of times it's pretty much ten times more taboo but it is just proof hear that the world is starting to progress and I love the writing is very sensitive to not offending anybody and instead embracing the differences in people so to this channel thank you

  11. Her Voice in annoying. I feel like I called a 800 number for some help with a product I bought here in the USA only to be redirected to some place in India. Or that maybe I walked into a 7-11 and ordered a Slushy.

  12. Clive Davis is a fucked up, bi sexual murderer. And you better fucking believe it. Ask Sam Cook if you doubt this. Who do you think had Mr Cook murdered???

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