Are we the only people disappointed by Wonder Woman? Were you too missing the ‘strong female lead’ everyone else is talking about…? And bonus question: How much gayer should Wonder Woman have been? Answer: Much.

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  1. Obviously this is no reflection on Gal Gadot, who is wonderful and amazing and perfect and I'm not just saying that because she's in Fast and Furious!

  2. 20:29; I see your point about the skirt, but this version of the wonder woman outfit was a traditional Greek fighting garment called a fustanella not a skirt

  3. If possible, I'd like y'all to watch/review: The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (2010) – Better Than Chocolate (1999) – Tipping the Velvet mini-series (2002) – Out at the Wedding (2007) – Call Me By Your Name (2017)

  4. I also agree with you two about it being not as close to the original wonder woman comic. But I think the main use of Steve is to show that because he has met the Amazon's he becomes a better human. Showing that the world needs them, and that they do full fill there original purpose of softening the Hart's of mortals. Of teaching strength in adversary, and bring about equality. And that is why the men are so dumb in that film, because the ones that need to teach them have disappeared.

  5. As a Marvel fan. Do you love Agent Carter as much as I do? Hayley Atwell is amazing. I would think you'd enjoy the vintage styles of the series.

  6. I definitely agree that I could have been a lot more emotionally affected by the movie. I didn't feel like Wonder woman had any substantial character development – the storyline was also a bit flat and one dimensional, like you said. But, although I agree with some of your comments, I thought she was a fairly strong female character in many respects

  7. Venus is actually her Roman name in Greek mythology she's known as Aphrodite and as you put up there you're correct Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera meaning he's a full god where as Wonder Woman would be considered a demigod considering only one of her parents is a god

  8. Im so glad you feel the same way. There were so many parts of this movie that I love, and things that I wanted to love, but I didnt feel like it was a great movie. And so much of it seemed poorly written or directed

  9. lol I so agree with Claudia about the shield bit. when I was watching the movie, I was like "the shield only covers her upper body. if I were the soldier shooting at her, I would definitely aim at her legs."

  10. I honestly find it kind of hurtful that everyone here is saying the movie was "heteronormative" bc Wonder Woman's relationship with a man was a main part of the plot. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Wonder Woman is bisexual. Noting about the movie is heteronormative because the main character is not straight. She shouldn't have to prove her bisexuality by having a relationship with a woman. I'm sorry if it wasn't gay enough, but just because there's no wlw couple doesn't mean there's no wlw girl. No one has to like the movie, but please don't call it heteronormative just because a girl loved a guy.

  11. I loved watching your review and absolutely agree on the heteronormativity of the movie (an island of only women and no instances of wlw affection??) I will comment that the Wonder Woman costume is modified Ancient Greek armor. I absolutely agree with you too on the cleavage and makeup comments but the skirt is a historical thing.

  12. a movie where a woman is talked over and mansplained to, reminds me of jessica in this video

  13. Just saw an ad for "A Quiet Place", you two don't strike me as Horror/Thriller lovers, but it seems like an interesting premise. It strangely seems to create a hyper focus on sound as a negative and the actors communicate (I caught a little ASL?) with sign which is pretty rare in the mainstream movie industry.
    What are your thoughts?

  14. Actually they weren't trying to "Girly it up". The costume designer actually followed clothing rules from roman warriors and real Amazonian chicks. Like the left breast plate is because Amazonian women would cut their left breast off so they could pull arrows out and shoot. and the outfit the new wonder woman wears is a lot better than the lycra suit from the sixties

  15. Hello, fellow Marvel-girl! Let's be real, Marvel is a lot better (even though, let's be honest. They can just f*ck up the last Avengers movie with all those main characters). I'm sorry you didn't like Wonder Woman too much. I haven't seen the movie but until now, everyone I talked to loved it. But I totally get your point! I bet I'd be super disappointed by the movie, too. Oh yes, Guardians of the Galaxy is awesome! I loved the second one, too, even though the storyline was not revolutionary. Ooooh sudden boob grab hahaha 😀 Thanks for adding the gayness. <3

  16. Hello! I just recently found your channel and I love it so much! You and your wife bring so many smiles to my face, so thanks!

  17. I'm deffo more a DC fan (I like a lot more of their female characters) One of my favourite characters is Batwoman and my favourite art work is the bombshell (1950's) version of her haha Should deffo check out the bombshell comics! I might be wrong, cause I've not read the rebirth stuff for wonder woman, but there was actually talk of her being gay in the comics 🙂 Also she was sculpted out of clay 🙂

  18. I'm also a Marvel girl! But I did enjoy Wonder Woman! My favorite part was when she was on the boat with Steve and she says, "Men are essential for procreation but when it comes to pleasure, unnecessary." 🌈💖

  19. Steve was so annoying all the time, he had no faith in her and was so rude to her and it's frustrating that we're expected to believe she's actually attracted to him. I'm glad that he died. Hopefully the sequel is better and she has a better love interest and more focus on the wlw. Diana is bisexual! she can have a girlfriend.

  20. I also think the movie has a black and white view, but the target of the movie are teenagers like all this kind of movies. She is not naive, she is in a new world she doesn´t know. In the journey of all the heroes there must be a learning phase, her mother and aunt are the ones who teach her everything, the man only explain the rules of a world she doesn´t know and only because is the only one with her. This is mansplaining or i´m telling my point of view? Just kidding, i don´t try to offend.
    P.S. Wonder Woman is bisexual now, but not at that time and Steve it will always be the love of her live, in the comics at least. Sorry about my english greetings.

  21. I totally agree with all of the stuff you both said. I said the EXACT same points to my sister while the credits were rolling, and I ended up giving it a 5-6/10. Wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen but it WAS disappointing. 🙁
    The love interest was unnecessary and I got so mad everytime Steve Trevor was like "noo STAHP wat r u doing" and physically holding her back/touching her, I'm like LET HER GOOO she was formed from clay?? and brought to life by Zeus??? you peasant?

    also could always use a little more gay >>>

  22. Good news for Wonder Woman 2! 👩🏻‍💘👩🏾 🤗🏳️‍🌈
    Gal Gadot wants Halle Berry as a love interest for ‘Wonder Woman 2’
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  23. disgusting why don't you just make the whole world gay and we won't have no procreation whatsoever

  24. Do you guys not like us heterosexual ppl I feel like you're bashing the fact that she may have needed a man for whatever 😳🤔

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