Lil Nas X shared a message about his sexuality on World Pride Day, asking fans to ‘listen closely’ to his song ‘C7osure.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :


  1. It’s quite disgusting because the rainbow doesn’t mean homosexuality the rainbow is a promise from God to never destroy the earth with the flood again and homosexuality is an abomination so please please you can do whatever you want in your bedroom but that rainbow is not yours it does not mean gay pride it is a A promise from God not homosexuality find your own flag

  2. Welp im no longer a fan …that simple better go join white america or i bet they accept him into country music now i bet now that he gay wasnt enough when he was black tho…

  3. Hmmm so wearing dresses and eyeliner for woman isn’t gay as a rapper but this man openly admits it and he’s actually talented and not having a seizure form drinking lean n shit and we’re mad at him? 🤔🤔 makes a lot of sense I must say. Who tf cares long as he ain’t touching no damn kids really who the fuck cares his music is dope af anyway

  4. He never said he was gay he’s hinted towards being part of the LGBTQ+ community. That doesn’t automatically mean gay😂 fix ya terminology

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