Levi’s Tries On Gay Ending to Commercial

By Michael Wilke

August 6, 2007

Seeking to break out of the usual, Levi Strauss & Co. has created a provocative new commercial with two endings — one with a gay twist.

A man in a sleek apartment tries on a pair of jeans but struggles to pull them past his ankles, when suddenly a phone booth containing a blond man partially erupts through the floor. They look at each other with mischievous smiles. Lowering his jeans back down for a moment, he forcefully pulls his jeans all the way up — turning his entire apartment into a complete outdoor street scene. The two men happily walk away together.


  1. Anybody else puke after watching this. Don't forget to Windex the friggin flat screen too. God help us.

  2. The guy in the phone booth must be strong as hell given that he wasn't crushed to death being pulled up through the floor like that.

  3. so when they hook up, if they remove their levi's pants, the man will go down and disappear? how the hell will they do the thing? just unzipping the zipper? damn, too many questions.

  4. Loving that awkwardly close almost-gonna-hold-hands-but-it's-2007-so-Homosexuality-is-still-shunned

  5. Who cares if the quality of this video is not up to people's expectations. The message in this video is totally understandable. If people don't like it or get it, that's their problem or lack of foresight due to changing times. Get over it!

  6. Why does it say “gay commercial” who cares. If it was straight it would just be called “commercial”

  7. is it really gay? or two dudes admiring each others jeans? .. i will be pissed if my house suddenly became a street

  8. This ad is bullshit. No gay guy would ever be without their Blackberry and have to use a pay phone.

  9. What a stupid ad. The guy will simply disappear back into the ground when the pants come off.

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