L.A. based model Leif Erik (whose name apparently originates from a Norse God – and his body too) wrote a long, deeply meaningful message on his Instagram account this week.

However, the fact that he was semi-naked, with his pants open and his crotch almost in plain view – kind of distracted his fans from the actual message.

Leif Eric
Photo: Instagram

The super-hot model posted the following photo with a long caption, writing about the fears in life, and God’s purpose for all of us – and how we’re meant to find it. The photo, however, looked like this:

I have a feeling that surges through me everyday. I wake up determined; wash away my fear, and God knows there is fear. Fear of power; fear of success; the fear of failure. I have a feeling that God gives me purpose, and without this feeling I’d be worthless, only scratching at the surface. The surface of what? The surface of my potential! Everybody has potential to be great. Everybody has potential to be a looser; which will you choose? I have a feeling that some of you don’t want to loose… but when the alarm sounds, you’ll hit snooze. Don’t miss your chance, your opportunity, your shot, your moment, because God may only present it once. I’ve hit snooze many times in the past, but I have a feeling that habit won’t last. The road to success isn’t paved for any and all travelers; to be honest, there is no road to success… When I say “success”, I’m not talking about money and fame. I’m talking about the warm feeling in your heart, that feeling that leaves a tickle in your spirit, where you can’t help but smile. That type of success is what we long for… I have a feeling. -Leif Erik🖤

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Many fans did reply directly to Leif’s message, but one of them summed it up nicely:

“Great caption but couldn’t focus on it with your damn dick boutta FLY OUT”

A problem, indeed.

And there’s Leif in the shower –

And some more of him looking sexy –