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Michael Lamb is a priest questioning his calling in a reform school in Ireland. When young, epileptic runaway Owen is sent to the school, the two recognize each other as kindred spirits and escape to London together. With the police on their tail and the money running out, Lamb is forced to make some terrible decisions.


  1. Obviously Lamb loses his mind after his fathers death. What would possess a person to gain the trust of a severely abused child to then drown him, as a solution? Why did he think he was god to take life away. He betrayed the child, no doubt he thought that no one cared about the boy, so what does him a favor?

  2. The most tragic story ever filmed, more tragic than Of Mice and Men. Two kindred souls who were not for and of this world. I could relate to it but I'm glad I didn't have to face such situations. The emotions it brought about would haunt me for long. This film is not for the weak of heart. So depressing, like The Deer Hunter of the 70's.

  3. One could think that Michael is 15 and not a grown man. What is his original plan? How could he help the child by wasting the little money he has and not establishing a life that will give them both sustenance?
    It would have been better for him to take over the father's farm and adopt poor children and raise them in a suitable way.
    They manipulated him to doubt his own judgement and submit to his godless superior. And all he can do is run away. You want to leave from that church, you leave.
    You must can do something to sustain yourself and recover your dignity. He was not teaching or preaching in that home anyways. So what, if he is not their brother anymore. His own father was a better man than his superior 'spiritual father'.
    Never let anyone twist your own conscience and oppress you under the guise of spiritual obedience. Be obedient only to the truth at all cost.

  4. Very good movie with a pretty young Liam Nesson but with his great attitude for drama the acting of the very convincing child and this is a movie of the few where a boy is seen smoking so small this is seen a lot in old European movies like Latin American but what I did not like was the end I do not understand why they return to Ireland where they could easily be able to take a boat to the coast of France or Belgium good things of the script but still take the responsibility of a child with behavior problems and sick because it is quite stressful I imagine that the child died and that he subsequently committed suicide for not supporting what he did to the child I love

  5. A very young Liam Neeson in an ultimately infuriating film! God only knows WHAT the story was about; and if the screenwriter did, he left the audience out of the loop…Neeson’s character is so hapless and lacking in good judgment once in charge of the (very vulnerable) boy, that I grew more and more uneasy…That he would choose what he did at the end, never even occurred to me. I did not see it coming at all—and found it shocking, as well as confounding. The worst kind of betrayal. Thumbs down, from this viewer!

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