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2017 | Color | Narrative
감독 임형규
배우 김세환 하성훈 김종하 진양욱

게이봉박두5 : 자유로운 연애중

편의점용 콘돔인 킹돔은 지훈에게 선택되어 팔려 간다. 킹돔은 지훈의 애인인 현덕에게 선물 되지만 정작 눈을 떠보니 예상치 못한 곳에 있는 자신을 발견하게 되는데.. 킹돔의 최종 목적지는 과연 어디일까.
Kingdom, a condom for convenience stores, is selected and sold by Ji-hoon. Kingdom is presented to hyun-duk, Ji-hoon’s lover, but when he wakes up, he finds himself in an unexpected place. What is the final destination of Kingdom?

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  1. 😂this movie is also like others korean movie😂i have to buy it but i will not because i don't have enough money😂😂afterall I am a student 😂

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