1990 Goodwill Games


  1. Jay B the comment about Smiths strength is pure conjecture on your part. You said that so your comment on his speed etc would sound better. To say a wrestler of this caliber isn't very strong is silly.

  2. John Smith secret was his conditioning. One of the best conditioned wreslers ever. He actually wasnt very strong. It was all speed, flexiability, and stamina. 

  3. its sad that even with the refs on the take , JOHN SMITH the great1 still beats these guys always. TAMPERING REFS should be put on the mat with JOHN choking allowed 🙂 these fucking euro and russian refs should be banned. AMERICAN REF'S ARE FAR BETTER. The guy is in the same exact position as the other wrestler and they caution JOHN SMITH this is the reason i got away from international wrestling the refs are pure scum esp. the euro and russian refs. they are pure cheaters. long live JOHN SMITH

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