After what happened last week Brooke Hogan was able to make Joey Ryan compete in a match but he did not know his opponent was the massive Rob Terry. Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday night at 8/7c on Spike TV.


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  1. Impressive, but I still like Superstar Billy Graham better. SBG was bigger with better arms and a lot more charisma.

  2. Rob Terry is extremely underrated, he has arguably the most impressive look in wrestling history, is very charismatic and actually a pretty good wrestler.

  3. Another well deserved ASS Kicking!! If Joey Ryan ain't Gay, he missed a golden oppurtunity!!!!!

  4. Exactly that was the main Problem of that: Hype. The Cena vs Punk match was way better and it was on Raw.

  5. He hasn't improved at all since he has been in TNA if anything he has got worse if that's even possible. He should just stick to weight lifting because wrestling might not be his best career choice.

  6. Joey Ryan had so much buildup throughout 2012 with his Gut Check angle that seemed like a shoot. He has charisma and could be a world champion. Why do they make him go through all of that only to have him get squashed? Rob Terry has been in TNA for something like 4 or 5 years with various gimmicks that have not gotten him over at all.

  7. He had a developmental contract true but he should go back and try out for WWE again or quit wrestling because he is horrible.

  8. I agree, Rob Terry sucks as a wrestler. He has not improved one bit since he's been in TNA. His moves look clumsy and that fist pumping thing he does is lame.

  9. You can have Rob Terry squash everyone on the roster but he is just another hyped up body builder that can't wrestle worth a shit. He should probably go to WWE where they appreciate that.

  10. He is a troll but i guess if you have no life like him than you have to find something to fill out your day.

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