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  1. So true about the casual mentioning of coke by Obama, imagine the reaction to a picture of him doing it or a video even releasing that kind of info, would have been a different reaction.

  2. Ben has a gift of exposing the ignorance of the left. If you're on the left and you listen to him and say you disagree with him you would be incapable of reasoned thought.

  3. I'm from the UK and I fukin love Ben man,and Piers just talk's fucking shit.I love the way Ben just states the blatant facts man…keep up the good work Ben say what my mind thinks lol! I'm pretty stoned but you make sooo much send!!

  4. A great candidate for a president who wants his government involvement/power to be very limited- GARY JOHNSON; 2016 3rd party candidate. We really missed out

  5. You hear a lot of talk about Joe being a "shill" but you've got to admit he's played a big part in giving conservatives an honest platform where almost anywhere else in mainstream media they are flatly made pariahs. It's sort of crazy that something as simple as respecting other people's positions whether or not they agree with you is now a great (and often rare) virtue rather than something that is already understood and respected by everyone

  6. Props to Joe for not dropping F bombs every 5 seconds. Would not have bothered Ben, but he waited til Ben said "shit" to really open up the R-rated talk. Well done.

  7. This group think insanity where were supposed to be forced to call a man a woman or woman a man is bullshit.If you want to pretend to be a man or woman that's fine but dont try to force me to call you something scientifically you are not just because you are insecure about your identity in gender role playing.If you were born a man you are a man if you were born a woman you are a woman anything after that is pretending wether you role play or have styles or characteristics of the opposite sex.Reason and logic over group think.Social mass acceptance is irrelevant when it comes to truth.Anything else is just denial.The reality is you are what you were born wether you like it or not wether you hide behind modifications or not.

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