jimmy kimmel gay cake

jimmy kimmel gay cake

This week a judge in Kern County, California ruled for an anti-gay baker who refused to create a custom-made cake for a gay couple’s wedding.

BACKGROUND: California Baker Refuses Service to Gay Couple: ‘Our Business is God’s Business…We Work for Him’ – WATCH

Bakersfield Now reported:

A professing Christian, Cathy Miller says she will sell gay people anything else in her bakery, but will not be made to celebrate a ceremony her faith finds objectionable. Miller and her attorneys equate designing a custom cake with speech and say California compelling speech she doesn’t agree with violates her own constitutional rights.

Jimmy Kimmel this week drew attention to the case with a sketch demonstrating why denying wedding cakes to gay couples is wrong.

In the sketch, Kimmel waits tables at a faux restaurant, and before serving the diners, he asks them several questions — do they have any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or are you gay?

See what happens:

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