We sat down with the former Governor of Minnesota, Hollywood Actor & WWE Hall Of Famer Jesse “The Body” Ventura recently where we discussed the reason he went back to the WWF, his thoughts on the current political climate, Saudi Arabia, WCW & Hulk Hogan’s disrespect of his political run & More!

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  1. He could run, but still the problem is the 2-party system. If Trump would've had a chance running independent he would've done that, but in order to win presidency in the US you have to be either a republican or a democrat. It's just a fact and I believe that Jesse has so much integrity that he isn't willing to choose a side. If he can't win independent he isn't gonna run. And even if you are an independent mind, you are still chained in doing the republican or democrat bidding, because of their lobbying power… The power those two parties hold is absurd. It's a dictatorship between two people essentially and it's gotten so bloated that the only way it's gonna end is by civil war, since pretty much half the population is red and half the population is blue. So they have done a perfect job in consolidating the people into two parties. Even against their will, because there are no other choices… And there is no way that they are gonna let a 3rd party slide into the picture. I feel bad for the people who have to vote for shitty candidates on the blue and red, because in their mind they don't wanna waste their vote on some 3rd party guy who has no chance. IMO, people should start voting for the people they wanna vote for, vote for people who you agree with and identify with. Don't vote because of the party he represents. That's why you end up with people like Trump and Clinton as the candidates. Two horrible people and horrible choices. I'm not from the US, but where I'm from I've always voted for the person and not the party. Here we have about 4 major parties of which two are right leaning and two are left leaning, but we are essentially suffering from the same thing. Anyway, my guy doesn't really go far unfortunately, but atleast I can go to sleep knowing that I voted for a person that I had 100% confidence in. Not in him/her winning, but what he/she stands for.

  2. Ventura – calls for further investigation on 9/11; avidly protects the Second Amendment and Gun Rights; served in the Navy SEALs – we should listen to him a lot more than these scum in the swamp.

  3. Jesse did give 14 years of service to his fellow countrymen. President ? Yes he could win. At 68 now he should enjoy the rest and be as he is, has he has always been = A strong and free American ! Thx for the memories of movies and quotes. No one is like Jesse Ventura but we need more of this kind RIGHT NOW IN 2020

  4. Young guys, if you're looking for an example of a man with integrity Jesse Ventura is it. This man stands behind his believes and does not waiver. You know what you're getting and his words are followed by actions. This is how you want to be. I wish I had understood this when i was younger.

  5. WWE has no respect for anything …..They wanted to exploit his win as governor because it was not wrestling but tied to MCMahon . Perfect because Vince thinks wrestling is beneath him and so are the idiots who support him .

  6. Ventura and Hogan looked old and over the hill in their late 30s. Haha. They both sucked in the ring. Same with ugly, old Dick Flair. At least Ventura was pretty real in these interviews. It's hilarious to see a guy bald and on steroids looking so old in his late 30s. Haha Woooooo!!!!

  7. And it's not surprising at all that his most memorable moment didnt happen in the ring! Bc he was a awful worker! Il give him credit for being funny on the mic but he doesn't have a athletic bone in his body! Try to watch one of his matches and you'll be yawning, their so boring! Awful athlete and worker, he belonged on the mic! Leave the Wrestling to the athletes

  8. "The greatest voice in wrestling?"😂😂😂 i really hope he was saying this satirically! I know JV is hung up on himself to the point hes obnoxious.. and delusional about about his mainstream popularity and chances of EVER being elected president but that's laughable! Imagine being so full of yourself u could make a statement like that without blinking an eye! How good was he really if it takes him to say it lol? If he was that good he should let others do the bragging but that isn't happening is it?

  9. I can't help but notice his body language throughout this interview. He began by rocking back and forth, seemingly uncontrollably, and was shaking the entire time.

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