University of Illinois junior Jesse Delgado won his second straight 125-pound NCAA wrestling title with a 3-2 decision over No. 2 seed Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) on March 22, 2014 in Oklahoma City.



  1. "He I'm Jesse Delgado, I'm a pussy ass bitch who waits for everyone else to shoot then funk rolls my way to an NCAA championship stealing it from people who actually deserve a title."

  2. Delgado is a pussy ass bitch who only knows funk rolls to save his pussy ass from getting taken down. Pussy ass bitch pussy ass.

  3. This match was bull sht. The winner did not deserve the victory. I wrestled from K thru college and that is my opinion. Cornell needs some coaching on how to close the take down. Allowing the same squirly counter four times Neither wrestler looked like champions at all to me. Very non-typical..

  4. Garrett was ripped off on that first take down. He clearly had Delgado on the mat. Look at the 15-16 second time mark and it's obvious.

  5. This match must've been a nightmare to officiate. Those calls were tough, although with the way Delgado rolls through with his defense, I can see why all of those challenges were not takedowns. A High school ref would've called takedowns here.

  6. Honestly, I think the way Delgado wrestles is super fucking gay. All he does is scramble, and that's literally the only reason he won. The first 2 shots from garret should've counted, considering he took Delgado to his back.

  7. the first shot of the match the referee interfered . he was about to get back points. I think that referee make wrestler quit the sport. clear case of referee interference.

    both guys are good but the referee is the third opponent

  8. How does "riding time" exist with "stalling"? Do you get a point for riding time and then get called for stalling?

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